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Data Interpretation - Resvent iBreeze iMatrix Software
Data Interpretation - Resvent iBreeze iMatrix Software
Hi everyone,

I am new to CPAP therapy. I was prescribed CPAP in December. The doctor used an at-home sleep study to diagnose and prescribe. I basically had about 5 events per hour. Some central apneas but mostly obstructive. I'm not sure what information I should provide here, but I have a Resvent iBreeze that doesn't work with OSCAR. I finally was able to download their software (iMatrix) and upload my data. Let me know if I need to upload something more specific. This is the overall report data since December, but I can also look at each day or week etc. 

When I first started I chose the nasal pillow mask from Resmed and could NOT tolerate them. They hurt my nose and made me feel like I was trying to breathe through two tiny straws. I tried changing the settings and it didn't help (originally doctor prescribed 5 - 12 and I changed to 6.5-12 which has worked so far) So I protested to the DME that I wanted to switch to full face and try it out. It ended up being great for me with the exception of some leaks. Basically, I have a small frame and am using the small size headgear. I have to pull it so tight to get it not to leak, and that eventually caused headaches and migraines from it compressing the nerves and muscles in my neck. I ordered some padding off Etsy which has allowed me to keep it looser, but sometimes it's still too tight. Still trying to sort this out. Maybe I can find some handmade headgear to attach to the mask or maybe I need to switch to a different full face. I chin tuck and am a side sleeper, so when I have leaks they come from the bottom on the sides or the bottom on the chin. 

With the nasal pillow I could barely use it but I did have 3-4 days where I woke up more clear headed and refreshed when I did use it through the night. With the full face I can use it and consistently have AHI 0.4 - 0.8 but I wake up tired. Foggy. There were some days where I didn't feel this way, but never as clear as those few times. Feel like I've started waking up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night again. I'm waking up stiff and sore all over. But I can at least use it through the night (when I'm not taking it off in my sleep here or there lol) Maybe the full face isn't as effective as the nasal? But the nasal won't be effective for me if I can't use it. I guess I'm just trying to find out what might be going on. Maybe something I can look at in the data. Some other kind of arousal or central apneas? I have my first follow-up with doctor in April. DME has been useless, of course. Not sure how helpful the doctor will be.

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RE: Data Interpretation - Resvent iBreeze iMatrix Software
This is the first time I have seen an iMatrix report.  You are displaying what I would term as a statistics page, and 2 overview pages (multiple day graphs).  Does the iMatrix software have a daily screen display, that includes a sleep session graph analysis (e.g.: pressure, event flags, respiration rates, flow limits, etc.)?   If so, would you please post a screenshot?

- Red
Crimson Nape
Apnea Board Moderator
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RE: Data Interpretation - Resvent iBreeze iMatrix Software
Yes, I have changed it to just last night since my sleep wasn't good and attached what I am able to see. Not sure if this is helpful... I'm new to all of this and this software doesn't seem to be as in depth as OSCAR graphs. There is the ability to mouse over and view times or other data points. I included a screenshot as well. Let me know if I should try to find something else in the software. Thank you for taking a look

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RE: Data Interpretation - Resvent iBreeze iMatrix Software
(02-21-2022, 03:43 PM)Crimson Nape Wrote: This is the first time I have seen an iMatrix report.

Attached is a PDF of an iMatrix report.

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.pdf   imatrix.pdf (Size: 805.78 KB / Downloads: 17)
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RE: Data Interpretation - Resvent iBreeze iMatrix Software
If this were my data, I would say the therapy is working well, especially since 1/28.


p.s. You may notice shifting to more nose breathing, even with the full face mask. I did. The next thing you may try is a mask that blocks mouth leaks so the nasal pillows or nasal mask won't feel so hard to use. In steps, you may be able to eventually shift to only nasal type. Good luck.
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RE: Data Interpretation - Resvent iBreeze iMatrix Software
ah so your data looks very similar to mine. The thing doesn't seem to change pressure much except for the occasional spike. I'm no expert but when I used a resmed device or dreamstation for the past 5 years, I used the sleepyhead program to look at data. And my dreamstation for example always creeped up in pressure and pretty much stayed there going from 5 up to 10.5 pressure blowing my cheeks out like a chipmunk when my tongue dropped. I never saw these spikes and it didn't just stay flatlined at the lowest pressure for 90% of the time. With this machine i'm now always flatlined at 5.5 and it says i have no appnea events. I'm glad to see now that i'm not the only one and it must be normal with this machine.

I been stressing trying to figure out what this machine is doing since its algorithm is completely different. The only thing I can guess, is that instead of just trying to increase the pressure when you over or underbreath past the pressure its giving, it will keep trying to adjust to your breathing instead to give that maximum air of that pressure at the right time. Which maybe is arguably better? I have no idea. One of the problems with this method is that as soon as you change up your breathing pattern the thing pulses until it adapts again and from what I've read online this is driving many people nuts and they don't like it. Sometimes it will just give a massive blast of air. I read some people saying that switching from a 15mm tube to a 19mm tube helped so I might try that.

I personally had trouble with multiple resmeds which constantly pulsed on my weak exhale no matter what so I had to use a dreamstation which did not. Maybe this machine is better for new users since it does not overwhelm you with massive amounts of air and I do notice the pressure relief is much more extreme then resmed or dreamstation which can be good for some. Maybe its more advanced technology? All I know is I feel like total crap and I feel like i'm learning how to use a cpap again after 5 years of using one.
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RE: Data Interpretation - Resvent iBreeze iMatrix Software
Monitoring this thread.
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