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[Diagnosis] O2 -OSCAR O2 analysis disconnect
O2 -OSCAR O2 analysis disconnect
I import O2 Ring data into OSCAR. With adjustment of the O2 Ring time-filename to integrate into OSCAR, this works well. However, it appears that the OSCAR and O2 Ring software analyze blood oxygen events differently - OSCAR does not just take the O2 Ring analytics. The results can differ dramatically, with OSCAR having much higher numbers of 3% and 4% "drops" apparently from the different bases from which the drops are measured. OSCAR allow changes in the % drops parameter and length of time parameter, but these are fixed in teh O2 Ring. Also OSCAR provides a "Desaturation" measure while teh O2 Ring uses Drops Below 90%. However the OSCAR desaturation appears to be based on drops using the OSCAR drops parameter, not the desaturation parameter they state, and it is not responsive to changes in its desaturation parameter. Frankly, the OSCAR measures do not make much sense when I look at the meaningful O2 drops that I can count - some % drop events in OSCAR are no where near the percent necessary to be counted. I can easily count and understand the O2 Ring drops, both total by percent drops and drops below 90%. I would like to use the OSCAR analysis since it integrates with the CPAP/APAP data and analysis ( it is ok and identical between the two for the base data graphics), but need to understand why the analytics for the measures differ . Any Guidance? o

BACKGROUND. My pulmonologist has determined that, while I have mild/moderate apnea, the CPAP and APAP make my apnea and sleep worse, and they not as effective as my mandibular dental appliance. This appears to be mostly due to much higher AHI and other event measures with CPAP and APAP across varying pressures; and no better O2 measures with the CPAP/APAP than with just the dental device. However, I separately note that my blood O2 appear to be moderately better with the CPAP than with the dental appliance, and I am doing some further checking and "experimenting". Thus the concern with the O2 Ring vs OSCAR Oxygen measures.

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RE: O2 -OSCAR O2 analysis disconnect
Welcome - I’m sorry but OSCAR does not have 02 measurements. I don’t know what in OSCAR that you are looking at.  O2 can be imported using different devices but that adds another chart that is made from the data supplied by a separate device.
Apnea (80-100%) 10 seconds, Hypopnea (50-80%) 10 seconds, Flow Limits (0-50%) not timed  Cervical Collar - Dealing w DME - Chart Organizing
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RE: O2 -OSCAR O2 analysis disconnect
Stacy. Thanks, but but you are only partially correct, and not the part I was questioning. With imported O2 Ring data, OSCAR does present the same data points and graphs, but the OSCAR reported statistics from the imported data differ significantly from the O2 Ring reported statistics for some measures. Obvious ok on averages, peak minimums. But OSCAR modifies the Ring data for some of its reported statistics based on various data parameters. For example the SpO2 %; time interval in seconds for the parameter measures; desaturation threshold. It does not appear that adjustments to these OSCAR parameters permit a match to some of the O2 Ring reported measures. Some OCSAR selected measures may be better than Ring reported measures for diagnostic purposes. The question is what did OSCAR programmer/analysts have in mind when they were offering the various measures. What were these pulmonologist or analyst selected diagnostic preferences? One would think that at least one set of statistics would be an exact match for the Ring measures.

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RE: O2 -OSCAR O2 analysis disconnect
O2 and OSCAR Data export question to help answer whether I should follow pulmonologist recommendation to discontinue CPAP:
Can I export an OSCAR data file that includes O2 Ring imported data or otherwise transfer an expanded O2 OSCAR file so that the pulmonologist can analyze it. If I must export the OSCAR and O2Ring data separately, I suspect that will present a challenge in time and programming skills for the pulmonologist.

This is important to me, as I indicated in my original submission, because the pulmonologist has recommends that I not use a CPAP, despite his finding of apnea, because his test show that I do better ( lower AHI, etc. with a dental appliance that with the CPAP/APAP. I observe the my O2 reading on average are significantly better with the CPAP than with the dental appliance (plus I sleep better). I am trying to assemble the data so the we can go over this and also to determine if the O2 levels over the night are medically significant.
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RE: O2 -OSCAR O2 analysis disconnect
Hi, HenryECole  Wow, I never noticed this before, because I was just looking at how the shape of the curve, however, but there does seem to be a difference.  

On my most recent reading, OSCAR lists SpO2 Drop as 14.05, and the ViHealth app on my iPhone lists it as 11.  Another night I have 12.99 on OSCAR and zero drops on the ViHealth app (the graph did look like a great night, too).  And another had 16.21 drops on OSCAR and 23 drops on the ViHealth app.

For me, differences in the O2 score are mainly related to more or less central apnea during the wake to sleep transitions.

I'm airdropping the binary data from the iPhone app to my MacBook Pro and then importing it into OSCAR.
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