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Download AHI data
Download AHI data
I would like to download the AHI data from OSCAR for the past several months to make a frequency distribution chart. 
Is there anyway of extracting that data to (for example) a CSV?

BTW, would also like to make a Freq charts from OAI, CAI and HI, want to begin with AHI
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RE: Download AHI data

I think that's an easyish one:

To get personalised detail from the .csv export:-

File/Export data/.csv export wizard/Custom/Select say daily*, choose a period,then choose download location.

Open downloaded .csv file, text import, OK.

You are then confronted and overwhelmed with a file of 43 columns! Save in Excel or Libre office calc format.

Now out of these 43 columns, you only need a very maximum of 10. For the unwanted ones, control, select and delete them fast. 

Format the date and numeric columns for consistency.
Now you can start with creating graphs etc.

*In fact there are 3 choices, Details,Sessions and Daily.  Sessions and Daily seem to be basically identical and easy to use for creating tables and graphs.
The Detail choice is good but a little more complicated as output is not in columnar format. I used it for an analysis of obstructive  durations which I showed to my sleep doctor. It produced a very compelling argument that I needed. Worked a dream for me!

Hope makes some sense...
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RE: Download AHI data
Fantastic, will get to work on it ASAP.

My intention is to compare/contrast apnea and hyponea events while on a 5-15 pressure regime, versus a 4cm constant pressure.  
So we will see what we see!
Thanks for the help.
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RE: Download AHI data
I can't remember now offhand  what fields are available, but should be OK.

There is another alternative for getting  .csv info is on the statistics page, at the bottom are some drop down boxes.

Far less detail I think. 

I am on my Android tablet at the moment skimming through the news now, but will try to have a look on my PC during the day on the above.
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RE: Download AHI data
Thought you might like to see my first pass at this, examining the AHI distribution for six months -

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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RE: Download AHI data
Hi, that was fast.

Just a quick question:-
Y axis label AHI; and x axis label months?

It seems pretty interesting what you are developing...
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RE: Download AHI data
Sorry, my last question was a "false" one. From the header of the graph, you are plotting the AHI differences between fixed pressure occurances and variable pressures over a 6 month period?

How do you obtain these two sets of data?

I guess you had your machine set for 6 months on fixed pressure, collected the data, then reset for 6 months on variable pressure then deducted one from the other to get a monthly difference, created a table with months v AHI variations? 

I have never used a fixed pressure setting, I am invariable 8.4/12.
I have previous plotted 95% pressure v AHI monthly.

Anyways the x and y labels will help. Breakfast time here, so I am slow on the uptake. Balancing coffee, toast, look through headline news, and Apnea board new posts. 

Slept like a log last night, fantastic.
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RE: Download AHI data
This was just the first phase of my comparision 
In the example what I plotted was:
For all daily reports for the past 6 months:
X-axis  = AHI ranging from 0.0 to 5.0 (in bins of 0.2) 
Y-Axis  = number of days that the corresponding AHI was reported

(so the origin 0,0 next data point is zero to 0.2 AHI was the daily report on 10 days; next is 0.21 to 0.4 AHI reported on 10 days; third is 0.41 to 0.6 reported on 22 days etc)

This was data from Apap use with settings of 5 cm to 15 cm over a six month period.

I have not yet accumulated sufficient data to do a fair comparison when the Apap is set in Cpap mode with a setting of 4cm, but the first three weeks of data appears to be similar.

The purpose of the "experiment" was to see if the most minimal setting (4cm) compared with the prescribed setting of 5-15 (where the 180 day average pressure was  10.4 cm)

The additional impetus to this "experiment" is the the overall AHI for this patient is dominated by hypopneas, rather than full-on apneas. 
(30 OAs in 956 hours  versus 1336 Hs in 956 hours).

so the question I'm trying to tease out is: Is an constant 4 cm pressure as effective at controlling Hs, as a variable pressure of 5-15? 

Based on preliminary data (albeit only 16 days at 4cm) it appears that 4cm constant is just as effective as variable presssure with a floor of 5cm. 

BTW. my PCP thought that the frequency distribution graph was VERY informative, however I am not the subject of the "experiment")
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