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Dreamstation 1 huidifier not heating
Dreamstation 1 huidifier not heating
The humidifier on my Dreamstation 1 is no longer heating up the water.
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RE: Dreamstation 1 huidifier not heating
We went to DME yesterday and she did her magic and it heated up while we were there. I get home plug it in to use and it no longer heats up. Seems that it forgets when it doesn’t have power. It has not forgotten pressure settings. I think I have done the correct procedures to fix the problem (based on the manual) but it’s as if the humidifier isn’t listening.
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RE: Dreamstation 1 huidifier not heating
Was your machine replaced by the recall? You probably qualify for a replacement.
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RE: Dreamstation 1 huidifier not heating
This is the replacement machine.  All the other functions seem to be working fine but the humidifier doesn't want to heat.  The lady at the DME did some magic when we took it in and it started heating but when I got it back home it doesn’t turn on again.  We believe it has something to do with the power be cycled on it.
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RE: Dreamstation 1 huidifier not heating
Curious how long you've had your machine; my DS1 humidifier failed early this year after a little over 4 years in service (May 2019). Mine failed while still connected to my original machine and I hadn't realized it at the time - it only took me taking it with me on a work trip that I found out the heating plate wasn't even heating at all.

I tore my humidifier apart to see what could have possibly failed and there's literally nothing hardware-wise except a heating pad on a couple wires going to the connector to the machine. I'm assuming the heating platen had just... died.

While I don't have a solution for you my solution was to just replace the humidifier with a standalone unit (picking up a used F&P HC150) and using that instead -- at the time my humidifier failed I didn't know if I was getting a replacement DS1, a DS2, or what and didn't want to shell out another $200-250 for a DS1 humidifier if it would be immediately replaced by a different type of machine.
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RE: Dreamstation 1 huidifier not heating
thanks for sharing your experience kotaKat.  I purchased a replacement humidifier just like the one that's on my Dreamstation 1 now and it doesn't
power up either.  Leads me to think my machine itself may be the problem.  Is strange though that it has worked successfully for the 2+ years I've had it (its'a a replacement machine).
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RE: Dreamstation 1 huidifier not heating
Browsed through the DS1 Provider Guide..... if you are using a heated hose the DS1 will go to an 'adaptive' mode of operation for the humidifier. Is it possible that your room is warm or humid enough that the adaptive mode prevents the humidifier heater from operation or a very low temperature? Perhaps the DME's office was air conditioned which allowed the adaptive mode to heat the humidifier(?) My own DS2 uses little to no water on hot humid nights. I suspect it may work similarly (although it doesn't have fixed or adaptive settings). I've never checked the heat plate on my DS2, so not sure if it heats in a warm humid room. I'm guessing that if a non-heated hose is used either Fixed or Adaptive could be selected

"This setting allows you to select the Humidification Mode being used. You can choose
between Fixed or Adaptive (A) Humidification. If a heated tube is attached to the
device, then the device will automatically switch to Heated Tube Humidification Mode.
Fixed mode applies a constant heat on the humidifier heater plate. Under certain
conditions and settings, this mode can allow condensation to occur in the tube.
Adaptive mode adapts the heater plate temperature to the ambient conditions in the
room, and is designed to not allow condensation to occur in the tube."

In the DS1 User Manual  there is a table of Status Alerts. One alert is for a humidifier error when it is connected and if malfunctioning. I'm assuming this doesn't popup as you hadn't mentioned it.

"Humidifier heater
plate error or
humidifier not
properly connected to
therapy device"

When at the DME, did they use your power supply to power the DS1 or one they had?
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RE: Dreamstation 1 huidifier not heating
StratCat48 thanks for you efforts on my behalf.  I do not have a heated hose just a regular one.  When the DME did her magic she used my power supply.  Everything seems to be working well except for the humdifier heating.  I was wondering if you know if the heater symbol appears on the status screen if the humidifier is physically connected or does it have to be setting connected? - Because of your comments I went back to verify the mode and moved it from adaptive to fixed hoping that might help but it didn’t.  Trying to get in touch with the tech at the DME and take in my machine again today if at all possible.  I’ve never seen the error message you pointed out but did remove and re connect my humidifier to make sure it was secure and physically connected.  This is so frustrating :-).  Thanks again.
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RE: Dreamstation 1 huidifier not heating
We got it figured out. ?  Tech at DME tested it.  The power supply is showing its age!  He said they show weakness before they die.  For temporary fix it MUST be plugged directly into a wall outlet and NOT into an outlet splitter of any kind! He loaned us a power supply he knows is good to use if the one we have dies and we’ll get it back to him after we get a new one.  So for now direct wall plugging and try to find a power supply to buy.  Lots out of stock.

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RE: Dreamstation 1 huidifier not heating
FWIW........ Since your post of this thread I've checked my DreamStation 2 heating element a few times during the night if I get up to go to the bathroom as well as in the morning just when I shut the machine off. It's been stone cold to the touch every time. The temps here have been in the 70's and humidity in the 70-80%'s. I have the humidity set at '4' on the CPAP. I believe the 'adaptive' humidity algorithm of the DS2 has deemed that the humidifier doesn't need to heat the water as the ambient  air temp and humidity are sufficient for comfortable CPAP use. There is still some water usage from evaporation as the air flows over the water, but not as much as in the dry Winter months when the heating element does heat the water.
You are in Florida, so temps and humidity likely are elevated more than Massachusetts. If you use AC in your home or at least where you sleep, depending on how the AC is set may affect the 'adaptive' algorithm operation which may decide the humidifier does not need to heat.

Is it that your nose or mouth are dryer than usual or you don't feel the water is being used up like it may previously had been?

I'm also curious if the borrowed power supply seems to have helped. I am a bit skeptical of needing to plug into an outlet directly versus an 'outlet splitter', as the CPAP doesn't really draw much power and as long as the plug fits into the splitter snugly the voltage drop would be negligible.
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