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(04-12-2024, 05:13 PM)mdmarmd Wrote: Thank you so much for sharing your experience and going through the process of vetting your idea. I recently had a nightmare and woke up with symptoms similar to what you described. When I tried to go back to sleep, I noticed I was breathing rapidly and heavily, which felt abnormal. I realized my AirFit P10 vents were blocked, causing me to experience rainout for the first time despite using a heated hose and sleeping with the AC on year-round. I switched to a different P10 and fell asleep quickly. This morning, I searched for ways to increase P10 venting and found your post, which was very enlightening. I've been having recurring nightmares accompanied by rapid breathing and began to connect the dots. I'm wondering if blocked vents can lead to hyper condensation and rainout, as I'd never experienced moisture in the heated hose or P10 before.

"I've thoroughly cleaned my mask vents using a Waterpik and left them to dry for the day, hoping this resolves the issue. After cleaning, I was able to successfully verify airflow through the vents.

Thank you again for your diligence in investigating this matter and identifying the root cause as a design flaw, likely due to insufficient beta testing. Additionally, I've been experiencing intermittent cardiac rhythm issues, which I plan to discuss with my cardiologist to determine if they may be related to hypercapnia. Since I have multiple machines and masks across three different locations, I'll investigate whether the tachycardia and bradycardia events coincide with the older masks."

Haven't returned to this thread for years:

While you might be right, I am dubious that the air blower will be more effective than the waterpik approach.  I had tried any number of methods in the past including a narrowly directed stream of air from a 100 psi air compressor.  I found the waterpik to be the most practical and effective.  According to the waterpik companies their maximum pressure is 100 psi (I even saw one with 125 psi), and I think this would be much more forceful than a stream of air because the force from the mass and velocity of the stream of water would be much more effective in dislodging solid particles. 

In my view the real proof is having the ability to visually examine the interstices of the mesh to verify the state of cleanliness.

Just my 2 cents.
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This is exactly the information I was looking for.
I do have a question.
I am using the Airfit P10 and had a leak rate of zero not realizing the vents were plugged when I replaced the mask with a new one my leak rate jumped to 10.8 L/Min I am assuming because of the passive venting of the mask.
I noticed in the Oscar Data you poster that your leak rate looked to be zero most of the time.
Should the passive venting show up an a steady leak is my question?
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Someone may correct me if I am mistaken, but I do not believe that the passive venting should show up as a leak of any significance.
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Thanks for responding.
I have been trying to find out that info about passive venting showing up as steady mask leak for a while.
If anyone has any information that would be great if I switch back to older mask body leak goes back to zero but vents seem plugged on old masks and haven't had much luck getting them cleaned out.
I tried a second new mask and it to showed a consistent leak in the same range of 10 L/Min and mask is sealed to my nose great no leak there.
The only other difference in the old mask to the new ones is the tubing is quite a bit shorter on the new masks but I doubt that would do anything.
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