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[Equipment] realistic equipment durability...
realistic equipment durability...
Hi All,

New to the CPAP world, still in my first month of therapy.  When I picked up the machine they talked about the equipment replacement schedule, new mask every month, etc..

Wondering what kind of duration experienced users actually have with the mask, hose etc???  (assuming excellent cleaning upkeep)     

And how can you tell when it needs to be replaced?

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RE: realistic equipment durability...
You need to change mask when you start getting leaks, see worn or damage to the mask. You need to replace headgear when it stretches out. 

I replace about 6 to 8 months.

I have had the air hose and humidifier for about 5 years but I have new ones in case I need to replace.
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RE: realistic equipment durability...
I use the F20 airfit mask and get about a year for the cushions and about 2 years for the mask frame. (I don't encounter problems with the frames but two years seems long enough). I use a hose for a year or two. I usually change it when the fitting that connects to the mask stretches to the point that it won't stay on securely. As my headgear stretches I just make adjustments. I use a tank until it leaks. I keep at least one spare of everything. The only thing I replace per the recommended schedule is the filter.
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RE: realistic equipment durability...
The DME’s call them supplies, I call them repair parts. I replace when broken. After 8 years I have yet to replace a humidifier tank, or hose. However, I have 2 (Resmed brand) hoses that I rotate between washing. Gives more drying time. I have a spare tank in case I drop one. Again, I have yet to wear one out. As for masks, cushions and straps. again, I have yet to wear one out but I do replace them. I buy Resmed AirFit P10 kit about every 6 to 8 months only because I like new every now and again.  This includes the mask, straps and 3 pillows. ( small, medium, and large) I only use the large but if I buy the kit I am sure I do not get re-packaged items. 

Filters are the only thing I consider as supplies. I change them when I change my AC filter. Every 3 months.
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RE: realistic equipment durability...
I use Bleep DreamPorts, so there is no actual mask to replace. I replace the Bleep short hose if/when it is having trouble clicking onto the DreamPorts. This almost never happens. I change my air filter monthly, don't change the hose until it is several years old, and never change the water tank, as I've never had one leak.
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RE: realistic equipment durability...
The vendor's representations of change frequency (tanks and hoses, e.g.) are directly correlated to their desire to sell you things that "wear out" which don't really wear out.

A well made tube carrying air (humidified air) is not wearing out, certainly not from erosion or something. Maybe 20 years out in the sun might affect the plastic.

My Resmed 10 water tank has nothing but a rubber seal between the top and bottom of the tank. It's still flexible and it's 5+ years old. There are no other parts which can wear out. The ResMed 11 is a little more worrying as it uses a silicone rubber connector to the machine (the 10's air tubes are just open tubes cast into the hard plastic of the tank).

What wears out are rubber/cloth straps on masks which you can buy on Amazon at a quarter of the price.

Nasal pillows like on the Swift FX have two layers at the nose side and you need to clean gunk out between those two layers. But they don't "wear out". Not so far, and at least not as fast as the vendor wants to sell more of them.

Have a look at a filter. It's like a plastic mesh similar to the consistency of the fuzzy part velcro. It's washable with a bit of soap and water between your fingers.
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RE: realistic equipment durability...
I have a ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet that was presented to me back in Sept. of 2018. I'm still using the original water reservoir and I just replaced the Climate Line Hose about a week ago. 

I'm using an AirFit F30 face mask and they seem to last me at least one full year, if not longer. I have three large full storage tubs full of supplies. I have enough of both the AirFit F20 and AirFit F30 complete masks and parts to serve me for years to come. Same goes for hoses and water tanks. I have two extra large Zip-Lock bags full of air filters. 

Medicare and BC/BS (FEP) secondary insurance coverage has been very very good to me............ Cool
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RE: realistic equipment durability...
thanks for the replies everyone.  lots of useful info.

glad to know i won't actually need to buy a new mask every month!
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