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Haven't tried to sleep with it but regular breathing while awake is nice too.
Haven't tried to sleep with it but regular breathing while awake is nice too.
Hi All,

Got my used C9 Vpap Adapt today off dot med. Thank you so much to the forum for all the help. 

Pulled it apart, cleaned it, soaked the motor in pure ethanol for a few minutes to get a bit of the fine particles out. Reassembled, been wearing and playing with settings for the last two hours. Haven't tried to sleep with it yet but I must say it's pretty nice to breath with any kind of regularity while I'm awake. Yeah, I know I need to figure out why I don't breath during the day. I'm asking my Dr. for a referal to a pulmonologist on the 29th. In the meantime, not having my o2 crash because I randomly stop breathing sure is nice.

Here are my settings:

Mode: ASV
EPAP: 5.0
Min PS: 5.0
Max PS: 12
Mask: Nasal (using a P30i w/medium pillow and standard frame)
Tube: Standard

Other settings:
Climate Ctrl: Manual
Sleep Quality: On
Leak Alert: Off
Smart Start: Off
AB Filter: Yes (bunch of wildfire smoke so I put in an inline HEPA filter I got off Ebay, which I think is what this setting is for

Then there's a listing for time which is wrong but I can't figure out how to change it, but I feel like I ought to be able to google that so I won't bother the forum with it other than to mention that, if I don't figure it out before I sleep tonight the time on the report I hope to be able to post will be in error.

The unit I have has the h5i heated humidifer and associated hose. I used a regular hose and turned off the heated humidifier because I thought maybe that was why my nose was getting so hot. Nope, just me exhaling.

Those are all the current settings I see. Note that I do think I can probably sleep with it as is but, sleep hedonist that I am, I'll shameless rely on your advice to attain maximum comfort.

My assumption is that this will take some getting used to in order to sleep in, but I've spent a lot of my life in APR respirators so I'll probably settle in faster than if I hadn't done hazmat as a career.

A few questions:

1) It's sometimes hard to inhale manually. When I inhale on my own the machine detects it as a leak. No leaks when I'm not inhaling, but when I inhale it goes up to 13 L/Min. There's also a pause on inhalation where it feels like the pressure drops below 5psi and it feels like I can't pull in enough air. I also can't pull in enough air with the machine off through the mask either. That normal or something I can fix? I tried fiddling with epap, but if I set the epap setting much higher than 5 it hurts my nose to exhale and I have to push pretty hard with my chest muscles. I see that on the newer machines there are settings for this. All I've got are EPAP, Min PS and Max PS. 
2) How do you swallow your saliva in one of these without your ears doing that pressure thing they do when an airplane descends from cruising altitude? Or drink water. I tried to drink water. A rather novel drowning experience ensued. I feel like that might be getting the timing down but I figured asking beat sputtering.
3) If I open my mouth for any reason all the air rushes out. I would assume that's normal but thought I'd ask.

Thoughts or input or insight appreciated and thank you very much for taking the time to read this.
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RE: Haven't tried to sleep with it but regular breathing while awake is nice too.
IMO you may need to raise your EPAP.  It is currently at 5, and most people feel "air starved" (kind of what you are describing).  I would raise it and try at least a 6, 7, 8, possibly even 9 and 10 if necessary.  The higher EPAP you can tolerate, the less pressure support you will need.  Higher EPAP will reduce H's and OA's.  It is your choice based on comfort though.  

Your PS min and max look ok to me.
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RE: Haven't tried to sleep with it but regular breathing while awake is nice too.
Thank you very much for the suggestion. I'll give that a try. 

At the moment my statistics are all messed up because I spilled the humidity tank into the HEPA filter I have inline so I let it run for about an hour without my mask to try to dry it out. I don't yet know how AHIs are calculated so that may or may not have messed up something. The home sleep test came back with an AHI in the 50s, last night the machine recorded an AHI of 4.6. I also think I slept for about 9 hours whereas I normally sleep for 5 or so. Really liking this machine.

Thank you again for the advice.
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