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Hello folks, new here and new to using CPAP
Hello folks, new here and new to using CPAP
Hello folks, 
This is my very first post here. I'm male, early 50's, not overweight. I've had sleep apnea for 20 years. I was tested in 2005 and test came back as "mild" 3.4 AHI. They fitted me with a mask, but I declined any further treatment because the apnea didn't bother me enough. As long as I didn't eat things that aggravated my apnea such as chocolate I was pretty much fine. 

About a year ago, my apnea ramped up and I was tested again. After waiting for the lab results for months they finally got back to me and stated my apnea was rated as "mild" at REM 12AHI and NonREM 9AHI. No centrals. This is probably tested on a good night because I ate a bland dinner, worked out at the gym that evening and soaked in the hot tub, then went to my sleep study. The recommendation was either a CPAP, oral device, EPAP device or tongue retaining device. 

My doctor suggested getting a titration study, then things fell apart. The sleep center sat on it for a while and frankly I didn't pursue it either. I recently called them and they said they needed to check with the insurance and never got back to me. At this point I figured they would probably want to do the sleep study again since it's been over a year. I also figured it would just be easier and less costly just buying a AirSense 10 off Craigslist, which I did this morning. It's a Her's Auto Set model, it has about 1400 hours on it, I paid $300. I bought this from some dude who met me in a parking lot, but I had him turn it on and everything checked out. I will admit, I felt like Kramer on Seinfeld buying a shower head.  It came with a full face mask and a nasal masked in a sealed bag. The full face mask was not in a sealed bag, but was sparkleling clean. I washed them out with hot water and soap anyways. The water reservoir wasn't sealed either but looked brand new. The tube was sealed with heating element. 

I sorta did a trial run, not by sleeping but pretending to go to sleep, I'm not sure about the nasal mask, every time I open my mouth air comes rushing out and I tend to breath through my mouth at night. So the whole face mask seemed better, but I have a feeling this is going to take me a while to get used to. I will do a small trial run tonight. I reset to the machine to default and auto everything. It seems weird going around my doctor, but I doubt they would do anything different except maybe offer me a new machine that I would have to "rent" at first and then pay the co-insurance and deductible for another study, etc etc. So I felt buying a used one would just go quicker and cheaper. 

So my question is, I assume it will be a lot of trial and error figuring out which mask is best? How do I go about getting started in this. Do I just put the mask on and try and fall asleep? In back of my mind, I keep thinking maybe I won't wake up or something strange will happen. 

I appreciate any feedback.
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RE: Hello folks, new here and new to using CPAP
While waiting for suggestions, how is your sleep now? Are you rested in the morning? Foggy?
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RE: Hello folks, new here and new to using CPAP
(05-30-2023, 08:02 PM)FaceInTheCrowd Wrote: While waiting for suggestions, how is your sleep now? Are you rested in the morning? Foggy?


My sleep varies. Sometimes I wake up with a very fast heartbeat in the middle of the night. 
My bedtime routine is to get ready for bed, then lie and bed until I'm just about to fall asleep. I can usually "feel" my apnea start to kick in. I then force myself to get up out of bed to "reset" myself. Sometimes I can then fall back to sleep and I don't perceive any apnea throughout the night other times it doesn't work. 

In the mornings, I usually feel okay, but on nights when my apnea is low, I feel more rested. 
The mask I have is a Amara Medium Full Face. I'm 6'4" so maybe I should purchase a large and see if that is better? idk.
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RE: Hello folks, new here and new to using CPAP
We have many data geeks on this forum, so the best way to receive some solid advice would be to show the data.  We like to see a Screenshot of the daily page in OSCAR.

Our preferred software use is OSCAR.  Please download this if you haven't already done so.  

Also, be sure there is an SD Card in your Cpap while you're sleeping.  
Any card from 2gb to 32gb will work.  

After a night or two, you will use your SD card to upload to the software program.

All instructions for Organizing your chart and posting it here are in my signature line below.  

Until you can get a chart posted for us to look at, set up your machine this way:

Minimum pressure 7cm
Maximum pressure 15cm
EPR set at  2 to start.

This will get you a much better night sleep.  Expect adjustments!

If you need a Clinicians Manual, order it here:

Apnea Board Administrator

OSCAR Chart Organization
How to Attach Images and Files.
OSCAR - The Guide
Soft Cervical Collar
Optimizing therapy
OSCAR supported machines
Mask Primer

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RE: Hello folks, new here and new to using CPAP
I found a lot of success getting used to my mask by wearing it whilst working at my desk just to get used to it.

I also suffered from really severe daytime nap addiction before I started my treatment so I used to use it to nap with during the day before it started to fix that for me, which also helped a lot!
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