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JKan Therapy Analysis
JKan Therapy Analysis
Hello Everyone,

I am new to the forum. I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea several months ago. I received a Resmed Airsense 10 Autoset and have been using it for 17 nights. I would love some help fine-tuning my therapy. I look forward to conquering this brain fog and forgetfulness, not to mention being tired and lazy regularly.
I started with an F30i mask, had some issues, and switched to an F&P Vitera. The Vitera is more comfortable, although the leaks into the eyes are disruptive. I tend to be a mouth breather, but I am trying to break that habit.  I added a Caldera Releaf neck rest to the routine a few days ago, and it has helped.

I am planning to ask my supplier for a nasal mask this coming week. I have a little time before the first 30 days runs out. My numbers were lower with the F30i than with this Vitera, but the F30i was causing a good amount of pain.

Here are the last 3 nights of Oscar using the Vitera mask.  I felt I was pushing the max pressure a few days ago and increased it from 15 to 16.

Thank you all in advance for any advice you can provide.

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RE: JKan Therapy Analysis
Here are the 3 nights prior to the above attachments. 

This is the first night with the Vitera


These two are with the F30i


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RE: JKan Therapy Analysis
Your pressure seems to be set pretty well for you, but some other settings could use some tweaking.

EPR at 3 Full time: I noticed you were switching between 2 and 3, 3 will help cut down on your flow limits which can help with fatigue.
Put response to "standard" rather than on "soft". Soft mode tends to make the algorithm miss events.

As far as switching masks, its pretty much all personal preference and each type has its benefits and drawbacks. It looks like in one of your charts you had some positional apneas, so the cervical collar will help correct that.
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RE: JKan Therapy Analysis
Hi jcp519,

Thank you very much for the advice. I will leave EPR at 3 Full time. Do my flow limits look to be in a normal range?

I have changed the response to standard as well.

I seem to be having a lot of events lately.

Here is last night's Oscar.

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RE: JKan Therapy Analysis
I just woke up from a one-hour nap. I am surprised to see no events in that time frame. This is after the "Response" change from soft to standard. I feel pretty good after that nap.

Those four large leaks at 8am were from me trying to get a seal with the Vitera. It's kind of a pita.

Here is the updated Oscar for May 26, 2024.
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RE: JKan Therapy Analysis
Hey Everyone

I hope you are all doing great

I think I've had enough of the Vitera, going to go back to the F30i tonight.  I'm supposed to be getting a P10 in the next few days, it will be the first nasal/pillow-type mask.

I feel like I'm having a lot of events lately, thinking of increasing my minimum pressure a little tonight.

Oscar from last night...

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RE: JKan Therapy Analysis

Yes I think if you increase your minimum pressure a bit, it should sweep up some of your remaining hypopneas and obstructives. 

Now it's a question of gradual trial and error until you achieve your best comfort level. 

Your graph presentation is very good, just the key graphs, and all your statistics and settings clearly visible. 

No clutter, just great....
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RE: JKan Therapy Analysis
Hey Expat31,

Thank you so much for your feedback!

I increased the pressure by 0.4 last night. I did feel it, I wasn’t sure if it was too much, but I stayed with it.

One weird thing last night was that just before 11 p.m., I woke up in a state of confusion.  I thought it was the end of the sleep session so I disengaged from the hose and removed the mask. In what seemed like it was so much longer (it was only 6 seconds), I sat there looking at the hose, wondering why air was still coming out of it. LOL—I finally woke up and turned off the machine. That was the large leak, first time I did that. ?

In the moment, I thought maybe I went too far with the pressure. Looking at Oscar this morning, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. As you suspected, I had a fraction of the events I have been having lately.

I feel a little better; I’m sure I have an enormous sleep debt, and I look forward to paying it back.

Thanks for the help!

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RE: JKan Therapy Analysis

I would give a few days to see how it pans out. 

One night is no real judge. 

An explanation of your weird event may bave been some kind of dream that you didn't recollect, during REM sleep. 

Sometimes you can see evidence of this in increased breathing rate. 

All you have to do is to add just one more graph to your set  "Respiration rate" 

We are all different and perhaps nothing will show up.

Let's see in a  few days.
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RE: JKan Therapy Analysis

I will leave the settings alone for a few days.

Thank you for the screenshot on REM Stage R. It's fascinating to learn about this.

I added the respiration rate to my Oscar chart for last night (5.28.24).
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