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Leakage Mouth? Mask? Machine
Leakage Mouth? Mask? Machine
I have been on CPAP therapy for 7 years. I am on m second Resmed Airsense 10 and use a P10 nasal pillow mask. I am in good control with AHI <1.0 most of the time. This past month, I suddenly have leakage problems.  I believe it must be mouth breathing because I wake up with a desert mouth. I tried mouth tape and a chin strap with no change. Why after all this time would I have mouth breathing? I have no congestion.  Any ideas.  Any chance it could be equipment related.  This change has also caused me to use a lot more water every night as well. See attachment


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RE: Leakage Mouth? Mask? Machine
Something is happening where your body wants to compensate for nasal or upper airway issues, I assume.

My mouth needed stronger tape when I developed more mouth leaks this summer. I used to be able to use 3M micropore tape, but that was too weak, so I switched to KT Tape with blue tape over it.

I also use Poligrip strips between my lips at night. It helps stop the leaks and drool.
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RE: Leakage Mouth? Mask? Machine
Could it be your sinuses? After using Flonase my leaks went to zero. I currently use 3M Micropore S Nexcare strong hold tape for sensitive skin; and for once I am happy--something that rarely happens.

This past fall during leaf raking and bagging season, I was experiencing leaks all night. My chipmunk cheeks were back. No nasal mucous, but my nose was just a little stuffy, enough to prevent restful sleep. My 3M tape was leaking so I tried BSN Cover-Roll stretch tape, a much stronger product. It was not as gentle and took off skin if I wasn't careful removing it. I still had leaks, so I gave Flonase a try and went back to the 3M strong-hold, pain-free removal tape for sensitive skin. It worked. I will stop using it shortly when leaf season is over.
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RE: Leakage Mouth? Mask? Machine
A "desert mouth" certainly suggests a mouth leak. Several suggestions about that are posted.

Regarding the humidifier, a large leak will mean more air moving through the humidifier and more water being used.

To check for a possible equipment problem, put your mask on and run the mask test. While that is running, move your hands slowly over the machine and over the entire length of the hose and the mask surface. If there is a leak, you should be able to feel it. There will of course be air at the vent holes, but that is expected. Or, just try a different hose.
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RE: Leakage Mouth? Mask? Machine
Have you lost weight? I lost 35 lb in the last 6 months, and my mouth leaks began about the same time. I'm not sure why, but it does seem like an interesting coincidence. In my case, it isn't due to mouth breathing, it's simply a pressure buildup that's strong enough to push past my lips. Once that seal breaks, even though I'm still nose breathing, air is leaking out my mouth and drying it out.

Rather that taping or gluing my mouth shut, I switched to a full face mask instead.
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RE: Leakage Mouth? Mask? Machine
Leakage is never a good thing when using a CPAP. You should double-check that your CPAP mask is properly functioning. They usually advise us to replace it within 3-4 months. In any case, replacing it within 6 months is preferable. As a result, each CPAP machine has its own lifespan, and it is also recommended that the machine be replaced every 6-7 years. Because each CPAP machine supply has a different lifespan, we must check and replace CPAP machine supplies on a regular basis."
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RE: Leakage Mouth? Mask? Machine
My original post in this thread was 4 months ago. So after trying my old machine, changing out all disposables, I am still having leak problems.  There is no doubt it's mouth breathing. I haven't found a chin strap, nor tape helpful. I continue to have <1.0 events/hr (most often <0.5) but using the Resmed P10 nasal pillow mask still shows leak over the max recommended threshold of 24L/min, but not usually over 30.  I really don't want to change masks.  I have used this mask for over 7 years and find it very manageable. If my apnea is under control with low events/hr, does it really matter that mouth breathing is causing a leakage value slightly over threshold?
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