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Mask Fit AR - using virtual tech for CPAP mask
Mask Fit AR - using virtual tech for CPAP mask
Hi I just found out about Mask Fit AR basically using computer generated technology to get best masks for your face. The technology been around since last year 2023. There is a video on YouTube about it for new CPAP users and articles online. 

I am new to CPAP - 3 months in. I went online, paid $10 and got a list of 10 masks that would best suit me. Basically using your phone camera or computer camera (better) it decides best masks for you. I wish I did it 3 months ago - it tells me the masks brands and cushion size. It has my current full face mask - F+ P Evora as #2 for me. However based on the questionaire it will either direct you to full face masks or nasal masks. I did it twice to get a top 10 list for each. It shows more newer masks and some older style masks (like swift FX and Opus 360) to it don't discriminate between mask companies - it shows the major ones mostly - Phillips, ResMed, F+P, plus 1 or 2 companies I never heard of. I am not sure if it has F+P solo on it but it has ResMed F40 (which they suggested to me) newest full face mask.

I think it's a great tool, there was an option to go to affiliated DME stores with them (they give you top 2 mask choices free) but I chose to pay $10 to get the info. It took a few minutes, I downloaded the 2 pages of the mask with pictures, brand names, size cushion. I still go in and try on the masks in DME to find perfect one for me out of it. It narrows the search alot. I didn't do the AI mask fit with a online DME store, I went more direct to main website to do it. There are a few DME stores that offer it but then your limited to masks they have available using their website.

I found AI is more precise than ResMed website on picking mask - they both do same set of 10 -15 questions. ResMed website is free, only show ResMed masks, gives you like 3 options, but don't tell you cushion size for your face.  ResMed shows you details on Mask, cleaning mask, how to put on mask, video tutorials, etc. Mask fit AR shows from multiple mask companies not just ResMed and give you your specific size - no guess work. 

The questionaire they use both ResMed and AI website are the same - that alone helps with narrowing down search for newbies - alot of DME staff don't do the questionaire, which makes people keep coming back, some of them don't properly size you using the nose measure kits. I tried Vitera as my first mask and fit fine in store, they didn't turn on machine with it  - it leaked terribly when I got home - just blasted out the eyes - almost quit CPAP because it. Thank God for 1st 30 day Mask exchange. I learned about ResMed website has a quick mask questionaire on my own, after the fact. I been through a few already - I failed 4 masks - ResMed F30, F30i, F20 and Vitera. Only 1 of these showed up as a mask recommend for me in AI the F30i so it's pretty accurate that it didn't recommend the other 3. 

The AI told me my #1 mask was Dreamwear Full Face but put it as size large - I think that's a mistake since I typically run small or small wide for cushions and occasional medium in some styles. I was a small when trying on in store DME for Dreamwear FFM. For Pillows I got ResMed P30i and Dreamwear Nasal Pillow on top 2. 

So far AI is pretty accurate with a few glitches. Also you got to factor long hair for women, some masks work better than others depends on where it sits at back and does it ride up or not. 

I do read reviews on CPAP masks on apnea board and other places to get an idea of pros and cons of masks. Helps me narrow down mask more. 

What's other folks experience with using AI for finding perfect CPAP mask? 

I am curious to hear from both experienced CPAP users and new CPAP users.
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RE: Mask Fit AR - using virtual tech for CPAP mask

This is the video on YouTube about the new technology to get perfect fit for Face Mask. 

I tried it and it works.
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RE: Mask Fit AR - using virtual tech for CPAP mask
Glad you are happy with it, but it is hardly AI. A magic 8 ball or Ouija perhaps...
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RE: Mask Fit AR - using virtual tech for CPAP mask
I thought it was worth a try $10 for top 9 masks...they at least point newbies in the right direction, the questionaire helps scale down masks. 

ResMed and Phillips I found out have a mask selector tool but don't give info to consumers they only give to DME and insurance and sleep center they made it in 2020. Found a mask selector guide 4 website back in 2020 did it only 1 gave consumers info but right now...

 Mask Fit AR is new 2023, gives info direct to consumer, they have insurance option - but it can be skipped, they have DME sites that they work with - didn't use it. It's fairly new. They have the option to just do AI and just buy the top 10 list right away without connecting with a DME or Insurance. 

I looked at ResMed and Phillips masks selector tool and those ask for your date of birth, full name, email, and then after the survey questionnaire they say contact DME - nothing given to consumer...just collect your data. 

ResMed has a questionaire option for mask without the AI mask sector that gives 3 free masks recommendations to consumer but only resmed brand - needs name and email, do the questionaire not as intrusive. No need to be on CPAP yet to use. 

Who knows the future looks like AI can help with mask fitting - you can probably do it at the doctors office after a sleep study - then they will have a selection of masks printed out based on your face structure. Save time and money.
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RE: Mask Fit AR - using virtual tech for CPAP mask

This is the article about AI used for CPAP mask selection. 

Basically SleepGlad back in 2020 got bought over...they are the creators of Mask Fit AR. 

Goal - to use this tool to limit mask covered by insurance based on one matches best with person face using AI and the questionaire. 

If you Google Remote CPAP Mask Selector Software you find there was a 1 page document comparing Phillips, ResMed, SleepGlad and SovaSage - all used AI but SleepGlad and SovaSage used AI to help select from many different mask companies while ResMed and Phillips only did it for their own company masks. 

Mask Selector Software is ok if it not ResMed or Phillips which is limited to only their brand. I don't want to see a monopoly on face masks - consumers need options.

 If it's use as a recommended guide but not required to only get those masks it's fine because you can do the recommended ones and still have to filter a little more or maybe computer missed a mask that was fabulous on you and have no leaks. I also don't want smaller face mask producers to be pushed out. You really know your mask best once you try it on and sleep with it. It could fit amazing on AI and in person but then sleeping is a nightmare. There are possiblity of minor glitch in size or style. 

The other thing I concern about is data collection; keeping consumer info safe and secure. I would be concerned with hacking systems with AI since you do it with your personal phone or computer. I would also be concerned about my data being sold to 3rd parties.
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RE: Mask Fit AR - using virtual tech for CPAP mask
This sounds like quite the racket, and it's in the nature of AI to be theoretical and not real. When it comes to CPAP, IMO, the difference between those two things is very significant. And how is this tool different from an educated guess? Or immersing yourself in the ApneaBoard for an evening with follow-up by Lanky Lefty, and you've got your 9. Plus The Dreamwear hybrid FFM prolly fits most folks, yes? It's the standard for titrating at my sleep center, and I imagine that's the reason why. For sure, it'll be very high on everyone's AI list.

And there's prolly only 9 or so masks that are popular and fit most people, as I gather from reading this board (the same masks tend to appear over and over); my DME has a menu of about 9 masks to choose from. There are around 9 face-forms masked-up at their side table: you get one of those.

There aren't a lot of F40's out there yet, so yep, that's unlikely to be #1 on the list.

Several masks come with fit kits, so you can figure out the best size for yourself.

Then there are factors that have nothing to do with fit, like whether the mask slides around a lot of some people (e.g. P10 and fine hair), deviated septum, sinus problems, jaw damage, or if the pressure will be very high.

What matters most for successful therapy is a match between the mask and the face while sleeping, not when awake. Faces change when you lie down.

After you've used CPAP for a bit, you get to know your face.
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RE: Mask Fit AR - using virtual tech for CPAP mask
Thanks for sharing.
The questionaire they ask includes - sleep position side/back/stomach/frequently moves, allergies, deviated septum, nasal congestion, # of times run to bathroom at night, claustrophobic, beard or sensitive skin, prefer not to wear CPAP, Minimalist, care about appearance and do you have a partner. 

I think it picks more of the newer ones in top 3. 

AI is used right now in so many aspects of our lives - we can ask ChatGPT for help, literally we get solutions at tips our fingers. It's only another 2 years before it reached Sleep Apnea community from diagnosis, to picking a mask, to treatment. 

Sleep Educator/Navigators use AI to do STOP Bang questions data to patients admitted in the hospital, the nurse can do STOP Bang questions, Sleep Navigator who educate those with score of 5 (high risk for OSA) and set them up to do a at home sleep study or schedule a in lab sleep study for near future before they are discharged. It reduce hospital readmission rates for like Heart Failure, COPD, stroke, etc. 

AI can help find patients who could benefit from sleep study like those doing Telemetry in hospital or those on pulmonary flour use the data to determine if they need a sleep study. Literally weight, gender, age, blood pressure levels can help target patients with higher chance of needing cpap and that's just in basic intake form, that's half of the STOP Bang questions covered. 

AI could in future can help determine if person is likely to succeed or fail CPAP. 

We use apple watch, we use productivity apps to help us get things done...why not make CPAP easier for patients. 

AI making it possible to make sleep testing more available to general public with at home sleep study at affordable rates. It will capture larger portion of the undiagnosed population of sleep apnea. 

Sleep Labs will still be full since there is a shortage of sleep techs, can't keep up with number of patients coming in. It takes several months to get scheduled for sleep study and 3 months to get follow up with sleep doctor after the sleep study.

Doctors working with patients with chronic conditions use AI to optimize their patient health - Diabetes, Heart issues, COPD, Stroke, Bariatric Surgery, General Surgeons -- need to ask about sleep in STOPBANG questions and use AI to help get those at risk patients into a sleep study.

I got carried away on AI.
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