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Mild Case But Still Tired!
RE: Mild Case But Still Tired!
Thanks Sleeprider!  I did turn off ramp before bed last night.  I think i picked that tip up from one of your other posts!  Weiss27md, that's a good call, I think I'm also going to make an appointment with a PCP to do an overall wellness exam, blood work, and talk about my SA and fatigue.  Now I just need to find a PCP!  lol  Moved 5 years ago and have just been using Minute Clinic and never got around to getting a new PCP.  

So last night I tried min 7, max 10.4, epr 3.  I had a really bad sleep.  I know it was only 1 night but thought I'd share my notes I typed up in my phone this morning:

- Tired....Felt like I was up the whole night
- Somnifix held strong but felt like i was drooling all night.  When I would check there really wasn't anything on my face/pillow but kept me up. 
- Wind blowing out front of mask (Airfit N20) kept me up a lot.  Either the noise of the wind blowing on the pillow (side sleeper) or wind blowing on my arms.  
- When I first put the mask on, I didn't have issue with the pressure (7 min/epr3) but I did feel like I was breathing at a faster pace than normal and that my breaths were not as long or deep as normal.  Almost felt rushed.  Wondering if i need to try epr 2 or 1?  

I've added the charts from last night and the 3rd one is a 2 minute period which included a CA.  As always, you guys rock and I appreciate your help!

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RE: Mild Case But Still Tired!
Results were excellent for all respiratory parameters and AHI. Your flow limitation is non-existent with the 7.0 pressure and EPR 3 and tidal volume improved. If you want to try 6.0 minimum with EPR 2, that will probably still work very well. The therapy that provides the most comfort and best sleep is a priority, and either of these should get you pretty close.
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RE: Mild Case But Still Tired!
So I gave it two nights at EPR 2, Min 6, Max 10.4.  Results attached.

Numbers look great but I'm completely exhausted still.  Last night was a rough one.  I don't think i ever got any deep/rem sleep.  My mouth opened up about a thousand times and each time it woke me up.  First 5-6 hours I was using somnifix then the rest the dual band chin strap but that really torques my neck and I have a terrible time falling asleep and wake up with neck issues.  

Not sure what to do with the mask.  Spoke with the DME and they were no help at all.  FFM doesn't work for me, I don't seem to get air and can't sleep on my side with them.  For the nasal masks I've tried 2 neoprene straps, dual band, micropore tape, and somnifix.  Is there anything else I'm missing to keep my stupid mouth shut?!  People say that they have trained themselves to keep their mouth shut but that makes NO sense to me.  How can you train your self to do something while you are unconscious aka sleeping?  

After more research, I'm wondering if I have more of an Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome (UARS).  Do my charts and symptoms seem in line with UARS?  I'll discuss my my pulmonologist during my next appointment but thought I'd try here as I've seen it mentioned in other threads

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RE: Mild Case But Still Tired!
Sleeprider is great with pressures so I won’t try to input with that but let me try on the masks. All full face masks are not the same. I had a lot of trouble with nasal pillows and cradle masks. I loved the way they fit but nothing I could do would stop the mouth leaks (several types of mouth tape, double sided mouth piece, tongue suck). NOTHING worked and I could not stand the full face mask I tried. I decided to try one more time and got a ResMed F30 and the leaks are gone. I sleep on my side only and this mask works for me.  I WISH I could use the pillows, I have 6 sitting in my drawer but the F30 works for me. My nex mask will be the F30I because the hose coming out of the nose piece drive me nuts. 

Now masks are very different for different people. I don’t know if this mask would work for you BUT I’m sure there is a full face mask you can tolerate.
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RE: Mild Case But Still Tired!
Appreciate the feedback staceyburke!  I ordered the F30i yesterday and I'll give that a shot.  This will be my first mask with the hose coming out of the top so I'm optimistic that it will be an improvement.  I see the doctor next Friday and I plan on asking him about UARS and will be requesting an in lab sleep study.  He's ordered one before but I've never heard back from his office or the hospital that would be conducting the study.  Just gotta keep pushing forward and I'll get it figured out!
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