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Mouth Tape Trick for Wimps (like me)
RE: Mouth Tape Trick for Wimps (like me)
Incredible post Deborah K.

I have several rolls of 3M tape. I worked there for 15 years in the Canadian Factory .

I keep buying the wrong tape. I figure it ws 3M getting even with me for quitting! Or perhaps the thoughts I had after I left.

They used to make tape and sandpaper in 5 foot wide rolls. Jumbos. They dropped one once while I worked there. When I can't find the width I want I say it's made in 5 foot rolls! Why can't I have what I want?

ps my tape hurts like heck when I take it off. I hate using it.
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RE: Mouth Tape Trick for Wimps (like me)
Dave L, try the Milk of Magnesia. It can't hurt and will probably help you enormously. If it worked for me I think it would work for anyone.
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RE: Mouth Tape Trick for Wimps (like me)
Cool trick!

I'll just add a plug for anyone looking for tape, for the buteyko brand mouth tape, which is pretty easy to remove...
it actually comes in a sheet, the backing is perforated but the tape sheet itself is not so you can ignore the perforations if you want a non standard size. I really appreciate being able to cut just the shape and size I want, and I stick the tape once across my chin to reduce stickiness which also allows it to be used once or twice more. I also fold a small corner.
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Tape is my favorite subject.  There was a 3M Nexcare tape that I had used for many years that I found to be perfect, but 3M discontinued it during the pandemic.  I have a feeling that it was popular for CPAP users because inventory had always been light.  There was never an
equivalent replacement.

The 3M Micropore is great.  It's the "How to eliminate mouth leaks" tape.  I still go back to it sometimes.  But removal is not easy or fun.  Plus, there's a very slight film left behind that may need to be removed in the morning.

Then there's the 3M silicone blue tape.  Near perfection.  Solid hold and reusable throughout the night.  I've found two disadvantages though.  It costs a lot more, but that can be justified because one might be spending the equivalent annually on more-expensive full face masks and replacement cushions.  In that way, tape is actually a mask accessory, or mask component, in my opinion.  

The second disadvantage (for me) is that I seem to be having a slight reaction now to the silicone after more than 6 months of use.  My skin immediately starts getting a little itchy right after I apply it.  I've also been getting saliva buildup that I never had previously, that weakens the seal.  I had such a great run for 6 months, but now I'm back to toggling between silicone and Micropore.  There may be ways to eliminate any reaction to the silicone.  I'll be working on that.

Tape is far more popular than people think.  As far as masks have advanced over the years, people spend a lot of money on masks that don't function in the way that they like.  I have a drawer full of masks that never quite worked, paid out-of-pocket.  

I'd like to do a GoFundMe on a more perfect mask that has extremely soft sticky silicone that perfectly forms to any face.  I'd also want it to be easy-to-clean and durable, lasting several years.  It may not even need sizing.  Imagine eliminating the many combinations of cushion size, frame size and headband size.  Right now, no manufacturer is incentivized to produce such a mask.  They'd rather receive $300-$800 annually from each CPAP user in the world.  It's become their highly profitable "ink" in the world of printers, except there aren't low cost compatible replacements.  Insurance helps to keep prices high.

Tape just works and allows CPAP users to go minimalist with something like a P10, without additional accessories such as chinstraps, special cushions, collars, etc. - and you can sleep in any position that you want.
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On the subject of mouth tape, has anyone ever investigated the chemicals used in the glue or backing?  It's likely that the tape producers never thought that the chemical components in their products would be licked and lightly consumed as a result of being placed on the lips.  They've likely only considered the tape application to external skin.  

3M's website does have more extensive documentation on safety issues related to many of their products.  I'll have to go through them one day to see if there are any warnings about the potential toxicity as a result of the chemicals used in their adhesive products.  That's the advantage of using tape designed for mouth sealing that's produced by a reputable company.  They know how their product is being used.
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RE: Mouth Tape Trick for Wimps (like me)
I haven't looked up the adhesive for the ones I use, but I am basically a canary when it comes to things like that. I'm quite sensitive to chemicals and I'm starting to realize it's more of a superpower than a disability.

I got a sample of the Buteyko Snorless sheets from a provider, so I got to test them before buying. They are awesome. Not only can you cut them to the shape and size you want, but they're a little bit stretchy so I can stretch the bottom of my tape into a slight smile.
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RE: Mouth Tape Trick for Wimps (like me)
(02-03-2024, 03:23 PM)TechieHippie Wrote: they're a little bit stretchy

You just reminded me of a tape that I once tried that was fabric and stretchy.  It seemed great till I noticed that I was getting leaks with it.  After a week, I finally realized that I could blow air right through it.  For some like me, that doesn't work.
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RE: Mouth Tape Trick for Wimps (like me)
Good point. With this one I have to purse my lips when applying. It's also not very stretchy the short direction, and I don't get leaks if I cover the corners, but it's definitely something to consider.
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RE: Mouth Tape Trick for Wimps (like me)
Speaking of taping.  No tape can hold this mouth shut!  Even though tape may hold my jaw up, my lips pry loose to mouth breathe.  I use Cover-Roll.  PAP MD did not work, nor 3 other brands that did not stick well enough.  Cover-Roll sticks so strongly it is a bit scary.
I only give suggestions from experience as a fellow CPAP user, not professional advice.
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RE: Mouth Tape Trick for Wimps (like me)
That's funny, ejbpesca. I got suckered into PAP MD and honestly I just use it as a wedge between my nose and my mask since I tend to get red marks from time to time.

Cut it up into small strips and place a new one each night. Oh well. I guess it's not completely useless.

Yes, Cover Roll is what I use now but I'm a chicken so I cut a small hole in the middle (which I place below my lower lip).

My leaks are down significantly so I'll take a few here and there.

That's actually why I came here in the first place.. I thought Mouth tape wimps? That's ME!
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