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My P10 vs P30i experience
My P10 vs P30i experience
This week I received my new Airsense Autoset 11 A11 machine and used the occasion of getting a new machine to try out the P30i headgear. 

Seemed like a good opportunity to see if ResMed had come out with something I would like better than the P10 which has been around for several years now.   

After about a day and a half of testing and playing around with the P30i, I am ready to switch back from P30i to P10.

Different people have different needs and priorities and I can see why some might prefer the P30i.  

For me, the P10s are still the best choice. 

The rest of this post provides some information about my personal preferences and why I prefer to stay with the P10. 

Hope this info is useful to anyone who is considering the P10 or the P30i. 

quick take: 
  • P30i mask is too noisy for me since I got spoiled by the virtually silent P10.
  • I can hear the air rushing in my ears through the tubes on the side of my head.  
  • the P30i headgear feels a lot heavier to me than the P10. 
  • P30i doesn't work well with the blackout mask and headphones I wear when I go to sleep
  • bottom line: the P10 is quieter and more comfortable than the P30i.

Since I have both machines and both masks, I did a little side by side testing of noise levels using an iPhone app called Spectrum which measures sound level being sensed by the iPhone microphone in units called dBA.  
  • Did this in my bedroom when it was quiet and the A/C was not running. 
disclaimer: My home is not a controlled lab space but the findings kind of confirmed what my ears were telling me. Although as noise levels go, it's not a big deal and probably would not be a deal breaker for most people (who don't already use P10s).  

Here's what some random web site says about typical noise levels: 
  • 20 dBA: whisper, quiet room
  • 30 dBA: soft music
  • 40 dBA: home computer fan
  • 50 dBA: home air conditioning, light outside traffic
  • 60 dBA: normal conversation
  • 70 dBA: flushing toilet, home dishwasher, noisy room
  • 80 dBA: server room, alarm clock, inside an airplane
  • 85 dBA: accepted level of hearing damage over time
  • 90 dBA: lawnmower, hair dryer, blender
  • 100 dBA: riding a motorcycle, construction site
  • 110 dBA: rock concert, jackhammer
  • 135 dBA: air raid siren
  • 140 dBA: pain threshold, serious hearing damage possible, jet engine
  • 150 dBA: handgun
  • 180 dBA: rocket launch
The specs for the A10 and A11 indicate their respective noise levels are about 26.6dBA and 27dBA. 
  • Like a whisper in a quiet room. 
In my informal experiment, I measured noise levels a little higher, but again not using a calibrated measurement tool and not in a controlled sound lab:
  • The ambient bedroom noise with both machines turned off was 37dBA. 
  • (For comparison the ambient noise in my office where I am writing this is about 44dBA).
When I turned on each machine by itself, the A10 vs A11 noise levels were about the same at around 45dBA. 
  • Both the A10 and the A11 are nice quiet machines. 
  • The sound of the machines at 45dBA are quieter than a typical home air conditioner when it goes on. 
The P10 vs P30i masks noise measured at the side of my ears were very different
  • P10 noise level is no different than the A10/A11 noise level, which is around 45dBA. 
  • So it added nothing to the noise level. 
  • P30i noise level is about 11dBA higher, which is around 56dBA.  
  • It added a noticeable level of noise. 
The P30i noise level of 56dBA is louder than an air conditioner fan and approaching the level of someone talking in normal conversation. 
  • If you fall asleep with the TV on, I suppose it's about that level of noise or maybe a little quieter than the TV would be. 
Subjectively without knowing the dBA numbers, the P30i mask is louder than the P10, and it's loud enough to drown out the sound of whatever I want to listen to on my blackout mask headphones.  
  • I guess it sounds about the same to me as one of those white noise generators people bring with them to hotels to help them sleep. 
  • Except it's not a constant ambient noise because it abruptly starts and stops (noisier on inhale, quieter on exhale). 
  • That's what makes it more noticeable for me, it's not just a constant drone in the background.  It cuts in and out. 
  • that makes it different from ambient noise generator or background TV noise
  • and the clincher is I can't hear whatever program I am playing on the sleep headphones over the P30i noise
That said, I did sleep with the P30i mask on that night.  
  • The noise was a nuisance while I was awake but it didn't keep me from falling asleep
  • I don't think I slept any worse for the noise level.  
  • If I wasn't already used to the P10 I would find the noise not a problem especially compared to my old F10 or SimPlus masks.  
  • But alas, I do have the P10s.  I have been assimilated. 
For people who really prefer the hose on the head versus hose in the nose, I guess it's a decent noise trade off to get a more comfortable hose solution.  Personally I don't much care for the hose on the head, and the headgear of the P30i felt noticeably heavier than the super lightweight P10. 

So for me it's no contest -- P10 is the winner and still champion.  

As in all subjective things, YMMV.

Saldus Miegas
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RE: My P10 vs P30i experience
Thanks for the thorough comparison - I've on my first machine, and started with the AirSense 11, so I'm at the top end there....and my first mask is a P10. It's effective, and I don't mind the hose location. Just put it over my arm as I roll on my side to sleep, and it's good for either side. I get some nostril/upper lip irritation that I've been trying to mitigate (trimming my nose hair, cutting back my moustache, lanolin on my nose), but decided to try out the N30 (regular hose), which should be hear this week.  I won't have the 'by the ear' issues you've been running into, but will post on any differences. Since I've done well with the nose-type masks, doubtful that I'll scale up to full face. 

I'm using a rental machine and bought my own P10 at first (just because it was branded the same and looked the least intrusive). My doc prescripted a Philips Dreamwear Nasal Cushion mask, which has the over-the-head mount, so I'll be able to report on that as well when it arrives.
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RE: My P10 vs P30i experience
The hose dangling from your nose doesn't get in the way or cause leaks from catching on things or just being on the heavy side? I know it would for me since I'm mostly a prone and side sleeper, but my wife might like that better since she only sleeps on her side and her back. For me, so far the P30i is the most comfortable one I've tried (but also our bedroom is round, so the bed isn't against a wall and we have both machines on Ikea Raskogs behind the headboard, so it's more convenient for the hoses to go from the top of the head and over the headboard, I'm sure that makes a difference compared to having the devices on a nightstand next to the sleeper)
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RE: My P10 vs P30i experience
Hi taylorgtr,

I'll be interested to hear about the N30.  It wasn't on my radar screen. 

Saldus Miegas
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RE: My P10 vs P30i experience
Hi Narual, 

the P10 hose config has not been a problem for me.  I am mostly a side sleeper, and I just tuck it under my arm. Machine sits on a bedside night stand. 

The P30i with its top of head configuration was strange to me. I felt the weight of it when I sat up, probably because it didn't rest in my arms in front of me like the hose from the P10. I'm sure I could have gotten used to it just like I had to get used to the P10 when it was new to me. 

My deal breaker for the P30i was its incompatibility with my sleep mask.  Both in terms of noise washing out the headphone sound and the awkward fit over the gunwales that run up the sides of the face. You can't simply slip it on because of the hose has to come out of the top of it.

Ha, I had to look up what a Raskog was Smile.   I can see how that plays well with the top of head hose outlet. 

Saldus Miegas
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RE: My P10 vs P30i experience
Thanks for the info Smile My wife isn't a huge fan of the x30i designs because the silicone traps heat and moisture and eventually irritates her skin, I think she might want to try the P10s next unless she goes for the strapless bleep models.

I guess the clip to remove the hose from the top of the head models of both Philips and ResMed models just seems natural to me because that's what I started with - if I'm getting up, I usually just pop the hose off.
I haven't had problems with my sleep mask, but it's just a silk two strap from alaskabear, no tech, just darkness. I put it on and either leave it around my neck or on my forehead til I'm ready to sleep, and the cpap mask goes on afterward.

We don't typically need headphones to sleep -- we have a big, loud Honeywell air purifier running at full blast at night - we live on a busy street and our house is 117 years old, so the walls aren't particularly soundproofed - that keeps anything short of an ambulance from being noticeable. When I do use headphones, they're in-ear phones, either my shures, which clasp behind the head, or AirPods pros, which are wireless, so neither of them get in the way of the mask.

I did just order a Muse S headband though, so I'm not sure how that's going to work with the mask, it might get in the way. We'll see Smile
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RE: My P10 vs P30i experience
Hi Narual,

I am reading your post and I have to laugh at myself…. Here I was going thru strange awkward gyrations to unclip the blackout mask and put it on around the hose when all i had to do was pop off the hose then plug it back into the headgear after the sleep mask was on. 

Very natural for you, very counterintuitive for me. Lol. 


Saldus Miegas
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RE: My P10 vs P30i experience
(10-24-2022, 10:47 PM)SaldusMiegas Wrote: Hi taylorgtr,

I'll be interested to hear about the N30.  It wasn't on my radar screen. 

Saldus Miegas

Had my first night with the N30 - it is much less invasive than the P10....e.g., no 'plugs' up my nose. 


Generally, I think it will work well, but I'll need to try again tonight. Last night, I had it on upside-down....and got a lot of leakage. I finally figured it out around 5AM...then had 2+ more hours of very quiet operation. So, last night wasn't perfect, but I think it'll work better tonight.

My numbers were high on mask leakage...and I have several CA's(4.11) .....but I think that's due to 1) me holding my breath whenever I roll over, and 2) having to muck with the mask several times during the night, giving me a total of 5.83. 

Other than that, my OA/HA numbers were good - 0.8 and 0.91. We'll see how it goes tonight. 


My first thoughts are - make sure that it's right-side up, and that the head strap is secure - Once that was in place, I found it very comfortable, and not noisy like when it was upside-down. Big Grin
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RE: My P10 vs P30i experience
@Saldus Miegas:

I've been using the N30 for my first few nights, and 2 nights ago I woke and put it on while semi asleep......upside down. Lots of leaks for that period.

I'm struggling to keep it in place all night long, and I've noticed that the sides can get pinched a bit and result in air leaking up under the eye where the leak is.

It's comfortable when it's working for sure - I've used the small fitting which was too small, the medium which seems to slip a bit, haven't tried the wide one yet as it seemed it would be too big.  Who knows, maybe I'll give that a shot before I get some P10's and start to hurt my nostrils !

Also got one of these things to help with the pipe route as I don't have room behind the bed to store the device

[Image: 818X++0jxxL._AC_SX679_.jpg]
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RE: My P10 vs P30i experience
I used the n30 medium last night for the first time, it worked great for me. I am going to try the n30 small wife tonight. I have been using the Phillips dreamwear nasal cushion and the ResMed seems to be a better fit for me, but it only has been one night.
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