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Nearly There... (I think)
Nearly There... (I think)

I've been on APAP now for about 2 months.
My original AHI was 42.

I've worked hard on my settings but i've still some way to go on my sleep hygiene.

Could someone have a look and suggest if I have any more tweaks to make?
Thanks [attachment=63335]

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RE: Nearly There... (I think)
Most importantly, how do you feel? Feeling rested and getting a peaceful nights rest is one of the main goals.

I cannot see the entire chart as the upper and lower portions are cut-off. Please read the link in my signature on “Organising your OSCAR charts”. 

Based on what I can see, things look quite good. You should be quite chuffed having figured this out. If you could post another chart with the recommended format something may pop out as needing attention, but right now the only thing I would consider is turning off ramp as you get no therapy during that time. If you feel you need it then leave it be, just understand to some the transition from lower to higher pressure may be disturbing.

You had one large leak from around 03:45 to 04:00, but that is likely a mouth drop or mask movement. Nothing to worry about now, just keep an eye on it.

Other than that I would not change anything. I don’t think faffing around with things would give much improvement. If you feel like things are going well, leave it be. If something happens that you think needs review, please let us know.
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RE: Nearly There... (I think)

I think that is it attached properly now with all charts showing? I included my summary page.

1. I had ramp off but put it back on as I am transitioning into pillows (from a nasal cushion) and my nares were sore (infact I had a staphlococcus aureus infection that was treated with flucloxicillin and naseptin cream) and was easing myself into the different sensation. I think I should have been a little more gentle with my nose and it broke down with the introduction of pillows. When my nose is a little more robust I will switch ramp off for sure. I am in the UK but managed to order a v-com so perhaps ramp off and the v-com will be a better transition tool?

2. I was most definitely a mouth breather before starting this so suspect it was a jaw drop leak. The pillows help my leaks and they are mostly at around the same level each night. Perhaps 1 large leak similar to this chart every dfew days.

3. I am not there yet with feeling rested... Not on Oscar but my sleep quality is improved (more deep and REM sleeep) and my 02 never goes below 90- so this is why I need to be more disciplined in sleep hygiene. I have honestly never felt more fatigue in my life. Im trying not to nap (and if I do nap, I do use APAP) so I am as tired as possible at night.

4. Thanks for taking the time to listen/read. Perhaps its a bit of reassurance I need i'm on the right road, APAP can be lonely. I know the forum members with big issues have more exciting chatrts to review than me.

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