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New to CPAP and struggling with my mask.
New to CPAP and struggling with my mask.
I just got my cpap yesterday and I followed all the myair setup steps but when I got to the test drive I couldn't get anything above 4 blocks and it was failing the fit test. And sometimes it would keep running and other times shut off saying there's a high pressure leak. (Mostly when I would try adjusting the mask. I'm in a medium but I feel if I go bigger there would be too much of a gap and smaller would pinch my nose. My nose width is 1.5" and from lip to nose tip 0.75". 

Also, with my mask is it normal during the test drive to have so much resistance exhaling?

I have resmed airsense 11, F30i mask.
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RE: New to CPAP and struggling with my mask.
Hi Jms,

You will need to install an SD card and load the program Oscar so we can see your clinical data.  Do you know if EPR is enabled on your machine?  

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RE: New to CPAP and struggling with my mask.
You may have the wrong size or shape mask for you, or the wrong mask for you entirely. For the F30i there's the "wide" face-piece option as well as small/medium/large, for instance. Sadly few DMEs are very good about getting that right. They probably also will not have told you that you can get a different mask typically within 30 days if the mask they started you on just doesn't work.

However, it's also incredibly normal to be having mask leak problems when you start, period, and that's not always a matter of fitment. One normal tendency that backfires is cranking the mask straps tight to try and stop leaks, for instance. The mask seals via air pressure inflating the skirt against your face, and cranking it too tight can prevent that. Another is trying to "fit test" upright, rather than in sleep position (unless you sleep upright.) There's a mask fitment document on the board that's quite long and detailed, which should help you figure out if it's an adjustment or fit issue in your case. This should be a link to it: https://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.ph...ask_Primer
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RE: New to CPAP and struggling with my mask.
So after trying new sizes and another mask. I noticed the pattern of when the cpap shuts off. It's any time I'm inhaling to take a deep breath. It must think there is a leak when I'm taking a deep breath. Any ideas how to stop this?
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RE: New to CPAP and struggling with my mask.
Be sure to have an SD card in your machine. A 16GB card will last a long time and is cheap from many sources. Best to start with an SD card less than or equal to 64GB.

You don’t say to what your pressure is set, but if it came from a DME it is likely at 4-20. Try setting it up as follows:

Min pressure 7
Max pressure 15
EPR 2 full-time
No ramp

That is a good default range to start things from so we can help adjust as data becomes available. If you need help with setting pressure, your can get the manual from here:


F30i masks have been reported to be finicky and I see a few responses from those with experience using it. Listen to their advice.

After a few nights with the SD card using those settings, post an OSCAR chart or two. Read the link in my signature “Organise your OSCAR charts” to get the formatting as we like to see it for optimal viewing of things.
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RE: New to CPAP and struggling with my mask.
As you are getting used to how this all works, I would recommend getting hooked up and watching TV or something, just so you can get used to equipment. Once you have that dialed in, then it's time for Oscar charts.

Turn off Smart Start: it could be turning your machine off.
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RE: New to CPAP and struggling with my mask.
I haven't even bothered yet with a SD card because I can't even get through a night wearing a mask. The machine after 30 or 40 mins just shuts off claiming to have a leak. But after trying the F30i (all the sizes attempted with better fit small-wide) and F20 airtouch medium which fits perfectly, that if I have very shalliw breaths, sigh or take a deep inhale that it shuts down. I use the machine while studying for now. So definitely probably didn't have a leak like I thought with the F30i and this new mask. I just shut off the autostart so I will update tomorrow as im going to try sleeping with it. The machine never shuts of with regular breathing or movements. I have the myair app right now, but the app or machine never give stats even if I use it for 30 or 40mins. I don't know if it needs a threshold of so long to report to me. I'm new to this stuff but not entirely lost as I research a lot.
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RE: New to CPAP and struggling with my mask.
If you haven't gone into the clinical menu and told it to tell you things, it probably came from your DME with the interface set to tell you essentially nothing (not that it tells you much when set to tell you more - OSCAR is much more useful on that front.) On a 10, and I would guess the 11 is similar, it's: Clinical menu, Options, Essentials, Plus. But really, put an SD card in it.

Might also want to check that the tube and mask type are set correctly (mine were not, one of many strikes against the alleged DME)
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RE: New to CPAP and struggling with my mask.
I'm happy to report back I disconnect EVERYTHING! Reconnected and gave the humidifier a good firm press. I cleaned my f20 mask and boom. Perfect seal, complete silence! So I washed my f30i and tried it again. Something, perfect seal. We'll according to the test drive. But the difference in sound from the airsense 11 is night and day... no noises!!!

My f20 on screen during a 3 hr period had no leaks according to the data. But my f30i was saying 5ml/min but still registering a good seal.

After 3hrs in both masks. My f30i is better in terms I never wake up from feel suffocated, it comfortable, but louder. Not the tubes on my face but the exhale ports. My husband also says the air coming from the holes in the mask are like a fan in his face lol

F20 is comfortable but in order to not get leaks when I relax my face muscles it has to be tighter which results in a pulsing face and the face muscles feel tense. It is so quiet though that I had to check it was on. But it doesn't have as much airflow and sometimes I feel it's a bit restrictive. As if the machine is off but not to that degree just slightly. I have woken up 2 times from a feeling as if I stopped breathing but it's the transition from no blowing air to blowing air...it's just a heavy feeling.

So any advice on this because I sure would love to make it more than 3hrs before taking it off. If I don't take it off I will get no sleep. 1am is my cut off if it's not working out. I honestly don't feel like I'm sleeping at all just a super relaxed state.
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