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OSCAR data
OSCAR data

Hi! So grateful to find this helpful forum.

Background: I've been using CPAP for a couple of months. (Initial sleep study AHI 23. Dx OSA, Rx 7-12). I'm a mouth breather lifelong but am using Somnifix tape and (I think) it's working fine to have me breathe through my nose. I hated Ramp so I don't use it.
I'm a couple weeks into having my own ResMed 11. I am using a Pillow Mask Sunday through Thursday nights and a Nasal Mask Friday and Saturdays (also used this past Thursday); pillows are nice, but too many days in a row, and I feel like I've been punched in the nose!

Here are my concerns, and I'd love your thoughts:
1. I see high leak rates especially on days I use Nasal mask, but the events are low. Does this mean it's not properly recording events, or that the leaks don't matter, or... ? Any tests you recommend I run?
2. I adjusted my own max pressure up from 12 to 13. Does this seem appropriate? Any downside?
3. EPR is off. Any reason to test Full EPR at 1,2, or 3? What am I looking for?
4. I don't use a humidifier on the ResMed... I've got enough to deal with already, plus I don't have dry mouth. Does this seem OK?
5. Anything else that concerns you? Any other experiments you think I should run?

Thank you so much!

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RE: OSCAR data
1. The first objective should be to get the leak rates under control. Until then, your actual readings are suspect.
2. There is little downside to adjusting the pressure. From what I see, I, personally, would try an 8 - 15 range because you appear to be spending most of your time maxed out at 13.
3. EPR is a comfort item to adjust for difficulty or resistance in exhaling. If exhaling is not troublesome, there is no need for an adjustment in this setting.
4. Likewise, the humidifier is a comfort item. If you are not experiencing dryness or discomfort, humidification is not required.
5. I would suggest you try a full-face mask to see if you can get the leaks under control.
6. Ramp is also a comfort item and is not required if you are comfortable with the initial pressure.
7. I will leave it to fellow forum members to suggest a pressure setting more appropriate for reducing centrals.

The goal is to feel better -- not produce a perfect chart.


"The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." -- Marcus Aurelius
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RE: OSCAR data
Steve, thank you so much!
Let me see if I can figure out any more adjustments to get the leak rate down. I was hoping to gain the benefits of nose breathing in the switch to CPAP, so that’s why I am reluctant to try a full face mask. But if I can’t get the leaks down, then that’s what I need to do.
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RE: OSCAR data
This mask fit information may be of some help to you.

How to achieve the perfect mask fit - GUARANTEED! | Apnea Board
My get-up-and-go musta got up and went.  Cool

Download OSCAR for your sleep data.  

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RE: OSCAR data
So helpful, thank you!
Now I can see I have not spent the time needed to adjust the mask.
Reading through your guidance and all the suggestions on that post.
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