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[Product Review] Mirage FX Nasal Mask [copied from old forum]
Mirage FX Nasal Mask [copied from old forum]
Misguided Wrote:CPAP Nasal Mask Review: Mirage FX by Resmed

Other Equipment: Resmed S9 Autoset w H5i humidifier
Pressure Range Evaluated: 4-9cm
Evaluation Period: 2 weeks

(note: Sorry this looks a bit rough, but I can't wrap text or tweak picture size with BBCode. If you'd like to see this in the original format, my Live Journal is called IfIGrowUp.)

Resmed describes their new Mirage FX as a "...transformation in nasal mask comfort." Today, I take a detailed look and see whether that's a bunch of hyperbole. The number of components that make up the Mirage FX is noteworthy, as there are only four: headgear, frame, mask, and hose joint. Each of these has thoughtful features that I'll discuss in turn, then examine the mask as a whole and how it performs.

[Image: 00001kpw]
Headgear is just headgear, right? What could be special about that? Well, aside from the basic features you'd expect in a high quality headgear, like wide, soft straps, and Velcro tabs, there's something really cool here. As you can see in the photo, the headgear doesn't lie flat. No, the headgear actually curves to more closely approximate the shape of your head. Because the headgear conforms to you, it is easier to tell when you have it positioned just right. Moreover, I think the shape helps to hold the mask in place without excessive tightening. One minor point is that it felt like the headgear did stretch a bit, so a bit of adjustment to the fit was required after a couple of days.

[Image: 00002372]
When you look at the frame for the Mirage FX, it's hard to believe that's all there is. Honestly, it is so thin it looks a bit flimsy. Actually, it's rather strong, with the added benefit of being lightweight. The frame has two features of special note. The first is that all four of the hooks on the frame are open, meaning that all four headgear attachments can be removed from the frame for cleaning without opening the Velcro loops and changing the fit of the headgear. Every mask on the market should have this feature; who hasn't struggled to get their headgear just right after a cleaning at some point? Go ahead and clean that frame as often as you like, then slip the straps right back in.

The other feature of note is the flexible wing support at the top of the mask. This flexibility helps to customize the fit of the mask and gently provide stability, improving seal quality. Between this and the headgear design, I don't find the mask moving around at night. Note that no part of the frame touches your face at any point, only the headgear and the mask itself.

[Image: 00003dhc]
Let's talk about that mask. I was really surprised when I first studied the mask because it is so small and the entire thing is made of flexible silicone--there is no hard plastic at all like I am used to seeing. The first time I held it up to my nose, I laughed because it seemed so tiny. The mask pops in and out of the frame easily, held in place by 3 silicone tabs that rest against the frame. It isn't hard to tell when it is seated properly.

According to Resmed, this mask fits 90% of people. There is a wider size available, and while there is no official suggestion as to who would benefit from the wider version the folks over at #15 on the equipment suppliers list suggest that if the width of your nose is greater than 2.25 inches, you might prefer that model. Note that while there is also a Mirage FX model made for women, the mask is the same, the difference there is that the headgear is smaller, and more pink.

So, can this tiny little mask really fit 90% of people? Well, I don't actually know, but I can tell you it fits me splendidly. The best part is that the cushion does an amazing job of dispersing the contact pressure from your face. There simply are no prominent pressure points. When holding it up to your nose, the mask is so light and soft it feels like resting your face in a cloud.

I do have a significant quibble with the mask design, that being the manner in which air is diffused. There are sets of four holes that completely encircle the front of the mask, where the hose joint attaches. While these do serve to quietly diffuse the air in general, the fact that air is dispersed in 360 degrees makes it difficult to not have that air blowing on something, such as a pillow, or perhaps an arm.

[Image: 00004rf5]
The hose joint is a cool idea. Twin buttons on the sides allow you to pop it right out of the mask, which is great if you want to get up from bed without removing your headgear for any reason. There is full range of motion where it meets the mask as well as at the hose joint, as expected. A couple of minor issues with this piece, if the joint isn't completely inserted into the mask, then the mask can produce excessive noise when exhaling. Also, I have found that water gets trapped in the hose end when washing the joint.

[Image: 0000517t]

[Image: 000073s1][Image: 00006546]
Putting all the pieces together, the Mirage FX is remarkably small. That's difficult to appreciate in pictures, so I've got side-by-side comparisons with a Respironics ComfortGel Blue. Thanks to the various features we've discussed, it's easy to establish a preliminary fit. Once you do get the mask adjusted, it feels so light and comfortable on your face you can almost forget it is there. The wing support in the frame and the design of the mask work together to maintain a seal without overtightening while the headgear helps hold the mask in place.

I'd like to specifically mention that the Mirage FX works great for side sleepers because it is so compact. It is easy to position yourself so that the mask isn't touching the pillow. I occasionally have a small leak when changing position, particularly onto my back, but I have the straps setup for sleeping on my side and try to keep them as loose as I can, so that is not surprising. I had the mask attached a bit more firmly when I first got it, and was unable to get it to leak despite repeatedly changing positions. The mask remains comfortable all night long and doesn't leave significant marks on my face.

I've touched on disassembly and cleaning already, but the small number of components make the Mirage FX easy to take apart and clean. If you use the kitchen sink for washing your mask, take care not to let the hose joint slip down the drain. Reassembly is a snap thanks to the hook design on the frame.

I've been using the Mirage FX for about two weeks and am very pleased with it. While I've always managed to do ok with nasal masks even though I'm a side sleeper, this one is especially well suited to it. This is not an inexpensive mask at $127 US, but I think with the collection of features and thoughtful design the cost is justified.

Summary: The Mirage FX is a wonder, with its tiny profile and four simple parts. Packed with thoughtful features that make it comfortable and easy to use, the Mirage FX deserves strong consideration if you're in the market for a new device.
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RE: Mirage FX Nasal Mask [copied from old forum]
BlueDevil Wrote:Thanks for the excellent review. I too have been using this mask for about 2 weeks and I have loved it from the first night I tried it. I am relatively new to CPAP so have been trying a wide variety of masks over the last 6 weeks or so and for me this mask is a clear winner. I think Resmed should give the designer of the Mirage FX an immediate $100,000 pay bonus because I predict they are going to sell a lot of them.

Resmed Mirage FX

Used with:
Resmed S9 Autoset and humidifier
Tried on both Auto (4 - 10) and Manual set pressure of 8.0

Construction: this is really a great piece of design. It is incredibly light and consisting of only 4 pieces makes it very simple to use.

Cleaning: it is very easy to clean since it is so easy to take apart and put together. Since no part of the frame touches your face it will probably only require an occasional clean. The silicone mask itself is easy to wash, but since the cushion area consists of two layers of silicone that are close together it can take a while for the watet droplets to dry from in between the layers. The rest of the mask and joint dry quite readily.

Noise: my wife loves this mask because she says it is definitely the quietest mask I have tried. This would be largely due to the fact that it seals so well and hence very little air leak sound. The venting however can create some noise. The circular nature and location of the vents means that there is some air flow onto the hose itself which creates a very small amount of noise but certainly not enough to disturb your sleep at all. I also find that when sleeping on my side the venting air blows onto the pillow, again creating a little bit of noise. This is a minor issue though.

Fit and seal: this mask fits me very well and the seal is excellent. I find I don't need the headgear tight at all to give a good seal, which is very helpful from the comfort point of view. When I move around I rarely have leak problems as it sits nicely on my face regardless of position.

Comfort: comfort is exceptional. As soon as I tried this mask on I realised that it was far more comfortable than others I had tried. It is so small and light that you hardly know it is there. I have had no issues with presure spots from this mask. The headgear is also very comfortable and easy to use. If my fate in life is that I have to use CPAP for the rest of my life then this mask will certainly make it quite tolerable.

Vision: The small size of the frame and very narrow T piece means that you get minimal interference with your vision. You may even find watching TV is feasible.

Travel: while the weight of the mask is obviously small in comparison to the weight of the CPAP machine itself this mask would be one of the lightest options in a nasal mask. So if you are struggling to meet baggage limits then this mask will certainly save you a few grams compared to other options.

Air Venting: as mentioned in the review above the air venting is a little problematic, but not a major issue. The air flow is quite soft and diffuse which tends to minimise the problem. However it does tend to blow onto my arm when I am on my side. And as mentioned previously there can be a little noise from the venting air when it blows onto pillow, bedclothes, arm etc. I think the venting on the Activa mask is a better idea (venting from the elbow area), but to me this is a minor issue in comparison to the many benefits of this mask.

Summary: as with the original poster (Misguided) I have found this mask to be easy to use, lightweight, very comfotable and with minimal leaks. I am very happy with my purchase.

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RE: Mirage FX Nasal Mask [copied from old forum]

I trialled it for a week but have to send it back.
Good concept - super light and feels good
Leaked like a sieve -didn't worked for me
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RE: Mirage FX Nasal Mask [copied from old forum]
I used this mask from November until 1 week ago.

I loved it. Felt like I wasn't wearing a mask at all.

Doctor kept complaining about leakage showing up in the data.

Finally got with my DME who traded me out for a Philips Respironics ComfortGel Blue mask.

A "Thumbnail" comparison of my SleepyHead data with the Mirage FX vs. the new ComfortGel Blue mask showed less leakage and a lower AHI.

Your mileage may vary.
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RE: Mirage FX Nasal Mask [copied from old forum]
This was the mask they put on me during the titration study. The nurse had it so tight on me that I keep waking up thinking how it felt like someone had my nose in a pair of pliers.Oh-jeez I had the nurse loosen the mask halfway through the night and I slept much better the rest of the evening. I decided right after the titration that I wanted the nasal pillows.
"Goodnight Chesty wherever you are!"
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RE: Mirage FX Nasal Mask [copied from old forum]
[/quote]Summary: The Mirage FX is a wonder, with its tiny profile and four simple parts. Packed with thoughtful features that make it comfortable and easy to use, the Mirage FX deserves strong consideration if you're in the market for a new device.[/quote]

I agree with your assessment of this interface. I have used it at home and I use it on almost every qualifying patient that can tolerate nasal PAP but not the Swift FX pillows.

I am a big fan of all three FX lines and have had excellent titrations with low leak on all of them. I have also tried all three at home. They do not need to be super tight. The best way to get a good fit during a sleep study is to have the patient tighten the mask themselves (after you show them how). Only they are capable of feeling the subtle leaks and generally adjust things perfectly.

I think it helps to have a working knowledge of the available interfaces and these reviews are an excellent way to get the word out.

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Resmed Mirage FX nasal mask

The Resmed Mirage FX nasal mask is the second mask that I have tried since beginning Cpap therapy, and so far, it is my favorite. It is a good value even at almost twice the price online of my first mask, which was a PR Comfortgel Blue nasal. When you read the stuff on the advertisements it sounds like alot of hype, but for me, the mask delivers as advertised. The Mirage FX nasal mask has several features that I like:
1. it is light, yet strong (hasn't broken even during stomach sleeping),
2. it is extremely easy to disassemble and clean (I pull off the hose, pull the elbow out of the cushion, pull the cushion out of the frame, then clean the elbow and cushion in warm soapy water)
3. it is easy to reassemble (I use a cotton swab to dry between the silicone layers of the cushion rather than let it airdry all day)
4. it doesn't leak hardly any at all (and I have a mustache)
5. the elbow tabs make it easy to release from the hose if I need to get out of bed during the night, and its easy to click the elbow back into place when I get back into bed, even in the dark
6. the little prongs that hold the velcro-adjustable headgear make it easy to get the headgear undone without disturbing the velcro adjustment
One thing about this mask that I am neutral about, but often find quite amusing, is that the airstream inside the nasal cushion tickles my nose and makes my nose feel quite cool. Since I like being cool when I sleep, I do not find a cool nose a problem or an annoyance. The tickling doesn't keep me awake. There is not much that I do not like about this mask:
1. my AHI data is running higher with the Mirage FX (AHI 4.8) than it did with the Comfortgel Blue nasal (AHI 2.5). I cannot attribute this totally to the mask, but rather think that it is due to lip flutter (even with my chinstrap on). The Mirage FX is so leak-free that I have been sleeping on my side and my stomach, which seems to affect the AHI data.
2. the Mirage FX cushions cost quite a bit more than those for my first mask if I have to buy them outright rather than insurance
3. the exhaust ports seem to be a bit small on the Mirage FX. It seemed harder to exhale thru than did the Comfortgel Blue, but I have quickly gotten used to it. I have thought about drilling out the exhaust ports once I get a replacement cushion, but will have to check my leak and AHI data to make sure I don't get them too big.
4. occasionally this mask seems to press down around my nose in such a way as to make my already-very-small nasal passages close too much to breathe thru, especially if only one of the nasal passages is open at the time. Pulling the mask away from my face and reseating it in a slightly different area (up or downwards a bit) usually works, but when it doesn't I just swap it out for the Comfortgel Blue and live with the leaks.
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RE: Resmed Mirage FX nasal mask
That is the one I use and am extremely happy with it and I have little problem with leaks when I roll from my back to my sides
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RE: Resmed Mirage FX nasal mask
This is my first post! I need to buy this mask, the Resmed mirage FX, with my prescription but without insurance. Does anyone know good online places to buy it? I have one and I just need an extra/ new one for when this one wears out. I don't know how to manage the apnea forum AT All! so if you would please email me at topaz_kris (at) yahoo.com I would really appreciate it. I also need to know what AHI's are and more importantly how to adjust them on the CPAP I have. ( I have a prescription but got one from a friend) Thanks, Kris
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RE: Resmed Mirage FX nasal mask
You can start going through the Supplier's List to see who has the lowest price.


Just glanced through several of them. They all seem to have it for $109 or so. That's an expensive mask!

Take a deep breath and count to zen.

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