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[Product Review] ResMed F40 Full Face Mask (* new *)
ResMed F40 Full Face Mask (* new *)
Just thought I'd start a new thread for the newly announced ResMed F40 Full Face Mask.


Minimalist category  |  Under-the-nose fit  |  Full face mask  |  Silicone cushion

AirFit™ F40 is a minimal-contact full face mask that rests softly yet securely under your nose and is designed to let you sleep in any position and move freely throughout the night. The mask contains magnets that may interfere with certain implants


If anyone has any experience with it, or has details to add, please post.

[Image: AirFit-F40-QLHS-Standard-Headgear-Medium...68x432.png]
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RE: ResMed F40 Full Face Mask (* new *)
Any idea what sizes the headgear fits?  The size guide only seems to be about noses
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RE: ResMed F40 Full Face Mask (* new *)
I am 6 feet tall and 200 lbs. I bought the large F40 Head Gear and a Large cushion. The cushion size is perfect but the Headgear is almost too big. The upper strapes are at the end of their adjustment and the lower straps are close to the end. I am hopping that the doubling over of the straps will minimize stretch, but next time I'm going with Standard Headgear.
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RE: ResMed F40 Full Face Mask (* new *)
I purchased one and tried it.

 It is a good concept but for me, at least, fails in the “real world” . 

It frankly is very soft and flexible wherein lies the problem. The flexibility causes leaks if you sleep on your side or flat. One awakens to constantly adjust the tension when leaks arise. 

 have had spoken to individuals who go back to F30 which is a bit more ridged for this reason. 

I really wanted it to work but I will be going back to F 20
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RE: ResMed F40 Full Face Mask (* new *)
I have the f40, and am about to try night 1. It’s definitely softer, for sure. I really wanted to like the F30 and f30i, but the nose holes were just too small for me. The softness is cool for me personally because I always strap my masks down so hard, my face is dumb and I always leak like crazy if I dont.

The mouth hole and nostril holes are definitely bigger in the F40, so that’s GREAT. It’s more comfortable than the f30 in terms of weight distribution, so that’s good. I do feel like I still may need a breathe right strip to keep my nostrils open, the nose ridges sit a little high. But It’s *extremely* comfortable. You could side sleep with this. And it’s flexible enough material with a big enough mouth hole that if your mouth is open, you can definitely mouth-breathe with it (my only reason for constantly falling back to the F20 for the last 7 years). I own and have tried every dreamware and resmed since 2017. This is definitely the best as far as being AWAKE and nighttime comfort goes. We’ll see about sleep.

Edit: something I didn’t realize at first is that the f30 has a clear, hard plastic part on the front. The f40 is totally soft. It makes a way better seal without tightness. Big plus from me. I’m actually excited about this lmao
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RE: ResMed F40 Full Face Mask (* new *)
vidio review

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RE: ResMed F40 Full Face Mask (* new *)
From the video and other information the seal is supposed to be maintained with less strap pressure and the inflated mask makes the seal.
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RE: ResMed F40 Full Face Mask (* new *)
You are right- good seal with inflation until you try to sleep on your side or stomach then it leaks and you wake often to adjust. 

Perhaps with a different coutour face it would work for some
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RE: ResMed F40 Full Face Mask (* new *)
Just got my F40 two nights ago, switching from an Airtouch F20.  Was hoping my experience would be different from previous posters but am disappointed so far.

The standard headgear doesn’t fit like suggested in ResMed videos. I use large headgear for my F20 and large cushion but DME said standard/ medium was right for me. The holes on the F40 medium cushion won’t stay aligned with both nostrils. Extremely easy to be moved while side sleeping. When on my back, my jaw drops out of mask. 

Been waking about every hour to correct alignment and adjust for leaks. Woke this morning with the end of my nose tender. Didn’t have these problems with my F20 but was hoping to reduce persistent bruising on my cheeks from the headgear straps (chronic anti-coagulant user). The looser fitting F40 accomplished that.

I’m not giving up on it yet but am switching to my P10 and chinstrap for a while. I had recent turbinate reduction for nasal congestion but held off going back to that until I tried the F40. So far … not impressed!
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RE: ResMed F40 Full Face Mask (* new *)
I now have a new F40 and regard it as a huge step forward. I wanted to like the F30 but with no large cushion available the nostril holes were way too close together. Furthermore, the v-shaped area between nostril holes leaked a lot. The F40 large cushion aligns perfectly with my nostrils and the contour between is much flatter. I have been able to back off my inspiratory pressure a half-pound over my old F20 and still achieve a 0 AHI. May be able to go lower yet.
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