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[Product Review] Sleepweaver Elan Nasal Mask
Sleepweaver Elan Nasal Mask
I started with the Resmed Swift FX. I decided to try the Circadiance Sleepweaver elan because the Swift caused pain at the bottom of my nostrils, above my upper lip and my upper front teeth. I could have loosened it but sacraficed excessive leakage, and my wife sleeping elsewhere because of the air hissing noise.

The elan was a pleasant surprise. I wore it for two nights. There is some leakage and noise but no nostril, upper lip and upper teeth discomfort. My wife is beside me when I wake up. Smile

I'm happy to sacrifice a little leakage and noise for comfort. I can, according to Circadiance, minimize leakage into my eyes (which I don't mind and feels nice with the cool humidified air) by positioning the sleepweaver feather weight hose over my head and using the headgear tether strap. This is recommended for lower pressure settings such as mine which is arond 7 as the elan needs to maintain a certain level of inflation to maintain its seal. I tried the tether with the hose over the headboard but rolling around from tummy to side to side got me in a tangled mess. Tether strap with hose over my head may work better after I get and install the hose buddy from supplier 1. I'll update after hose buddy arrives if I see interest in this review and/or my post.


Why only 3 stars? Circadiance doesn't make a small size so people like me with a small face don't have to wear a mask where the top is very close tp the bottom of the eyes and the mask bottom almost slides into the mouth.

Circadiance acknowledges that a smaller mask cushion is a possibility. Bring it on Circadiance. More customers will try the elan as I did. My review woud otrherwise be 4 stars.

I would have given Circadiance 4 stars for their Sleepweaver elan had it not been for thier refund guarantee. It's horrible for those outside the US or not shure we can obtain it, try it and return it within the period covered by the refund guarantee. You may read my post for more info.


Lastly, here's my weakness and here's where Circadiance shines. I cannot look at drawings and decipher what they mean. I need a conceptual explanation or a video that shows me step by step. Circadience video fills the bill. Mind you, I had to watch it numerous times to ensure that the headgear and mask was positioned correctly before I attempted to assembole them. It was much easier to follow than the Resmed Swift FX video.
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RE: Sloeepweaver elan Nasal Mask
Nice review. Thanks for posting it Acro! Coffee

For further reference, here's a picture of it:

[Image: sleepweaver-elan-main.jpg]

Description from Circadiance's website:

Quote:Introducing the Circadiance SleepWeaver Élan Soft Cloth Nasal CPAP Mask - for the ultimate in CPAP mask comfort, and convenience! Worldwide acceptance of the flagship SleepWeaver ADVANCE has paved the way for exciting new cloth mask options with more features for CPAP users.

Unique, built-in double swivel connection enables the hose to easily and freely rotate as you sleep and because there are no line of sight obstructions you can read and watch TV. That means our mask adjusts with you – and maintains its secure seal, no matter what your sleeping or sitting position – or how often it changes!

Revolutionary, soft-cloth nasal CPAP mask quietly inflates like a balloon – creating an air-tight, comfortable fit….with no leaks, no pressure points, no sore spots, no pinching, and no red marks when you wake! Best of all, the élan feels natural – exceptionally cool and dry.

Apnea Board Administrator


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RE: Sleepweaver Elan Nasal Mask
That image looks 'photoshopped'. I checked their site and all of the photos are badly done photoshopped. Makes me not want to trust them. Why would I but from someone who won't show me images of the mask in actual use?

Just my early morning opinion.

Take a deep breath and count to zen.

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RE: Sleepweaver Elan Nasal Mask
(10-22-2012, 10:02 AM)PaulaO2 Wrote: That image looks 'photoshopped'. I checked their site and all of the photos are badly done photoshopped. Makes me not want to trust them. Why would I but from someone who won't show me images of the mask in actual use?

Just my early morning opinion.

I've been using one for a couple weeks and it's an awesome innovation in apnea masks.

I started out with Paykel masks, which always marked up my skin with irritations. Then for a couple years I used the Swift FX nasal pillows. They were alright, but would cause irritations and were fussy for adjustment for me.

This soft, baloon-like mask is the most comfortable one I've ever worn. I highly recommend them

Also, to the op, mine came with a small and a large mask so maybe they heard your complaint and offered a smaller one. Maybe you could check into getting a new mask with both sizes.
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RE: Sleepweaver Elan Nasal Mask
I wear the Sleepweaver Èlan nasal mask, and occasionally alternate with the Sleepweaver Anew full-face mask, and I absolutely LOVE these masks. I will never go back to hard masks (and I've tried them all, believe me). You have to learn how to "play" with the cloth masks to prevent leaks. It takes a little getting used to but is well worth the experimentation time. I can sleep with my head in all positions, and the Sleepweaver accommodates. If I have any criticism at all, it is that these masks cannot be used with the SoClean2 ozone sanitizer. Not sure exactly why, but it's what Circadiance told me. It's a minor inconvenience. So the tube & S9 w/humidifier get sanitized easily with the ozone SoClean2, but the cloth mask must be washed by hand. No big deal, I guess. I'll say it again: I really, really love the Èlan.
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RE: Sleepweaver Elan Nasal Mask
I just received this mask yesterday and tried it last night. Leakage was 148 and AHI was 0.0.

My current mask is the SleepWeaver Advance Nasal CPAP Mask with Improved Zzzephyr Seal.

I had some leakage with this one as well, but I liked it because it was comfortable. I thought that Elan would be even better. And I think it could be if it didn't have the 90 degree elbow coming out the of mask. I would prefer that it would come straight out of the mask as I sleep on my side and it would allow the hose to just lay flat and not have to make a 90 degree turn.

I'll have to see if a straight fitting is available.
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RE: Sleepweaver Elan Nasal Mask
Thank you for the review!

Take a deep breath and count to zen.

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RE: Sleepweaver Elan Nasal Mask
I help coordinate a support group for truck drivers with sleep apnea. Circadiance sent us a dozen masks that we gave out to truck drivers that wanted to try them. We had a big conference call to hear the feedback.

Most of us found them kind of a pain to get to adjust to your face just right. You need to watch and follow the instruction on putting it on.. letting it inflate.. then pulling it down and away a little... then let it settle back.

If you've got a full beard they're a great option. If you have skin reactions they are good. If you travel and want something that folds up small you can't beat them.

I've abused the sample mask pretty bad.. washed it with some pretty dirty greasy work clothes etc. It's still doing fine.

It's not my fist choice mask.. but it's a good option for some special situations.

About the photoshop ad..... that's the stand up trade show type display for the mask.
(Just a truck driver with sleep apnea )
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