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Question one n30i cushion
Question one n30i cushion
I alternate between a few nasal masks.  I have tried the new quiet air design of the n30i cushion.  I really like how it doesn’t shoot out a jet of air and is basically silent.  The one problem I have is there are times when I feel I seem to be starved for air which I never feel with the old version.  Anyone else experience this? Do you think eventually the old design will be discontinued?
Another question I have always wondered about is the exhalation ports on the mask that are designed to flush out the carbon dioxide, why is it that in some masks like the n20, old cushion of the n30i and the Evora nasal is that the air just seems to expel with so much force?  If it’s from your own air that the co2 is releasing you wouldn’t expect that.  It seems like the air that the machine is pumping out goes straight out these ports ?
Thanks and sorry for the long winded questions.
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RE: Question one n30i cushion
Anyone have any response?
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RE: Question one n30i cushion
I am speculating that you are a trailblazer on this one. Thanks
Crimson Nape
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RE: Question one n30i cushion
Why so much force. Design differences is the logical answer though I have not studied this mask.

P10 has a diffusion mesh on the vent which made this mask so much quieter than any of my previous masks resulting inany restless nights asy wife repeatedly woke me up to make sure I was still breathing.
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RE: Question one n30i cushion
Gideon, as far as force for an example the n20 shoots out the air from the front significantly more than let’s say the dreamwear nasal.  
I know about the p10 which the n30 has a similar venting.
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RE: Question one n30i cushion
Any answer to my question concerning the new design of the n30i and feeling a little starved for air compared with the old design.
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RE: Question one n30i cushion
Post an OSCAR screenshot, starved for air can often be fixed with an increased pressure, but without the data I'd be hard pressed to make a recommendation
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RE: Question one n30i cushion
Air Starvation in my experience is generally due to not blowing off enough CO2. If even small amounts accumulate it can wake me, a feeling of sleeping warm, even perspiring, mild headache, need to remove the mask etc. It has nothing to do with pO2 sats in my own case.

You could experiment and try a few things to see if increasing your CO2 elimination helps.

Your Jan 23 chart shows great FL, great Leak Rates (envious) but somewhat shorter Exp Time  (2.5) than my own. My own Insp Times range between 1.44 and 1.56 and my Med Exp Times range between 3.32 and 3.66. 

You could somehow try and increase your tidal volume and/or your minute ventilation. One way is to lower your Min EPAP on your Vauto, this allows more expiration time, reduces PEEP and could allow for more time to diffuse off the CO2. Another way would be to up your PS. Both run the risk of inducing some mild CA. Lowering your Min EPAP could induce some OSA.

Also you could play with the Trigger and Cycle sensitivities to control the I:E ratios but in my experience these can make things uncomfortable. Your goal would be try and increase your expiration time. Even though your N30i does provide top venting, if your Exp time is too short, you are getting more fresh air coming in (at the IPAP pressure actually) before you have passively vented off the required amount of CO2.

Lastly, theoretically one could try and allow for more leaks. (I see from your last chart posted for 23 Jan 2022 your leaks are non-existent: well done!) Only an option if you mouth tape and can somehow inducing more leaks. (I suspect you are still mouth taping based on one of your earlier threads). Generally not a good idea if you are data tracking because when you leak even a moderate amount, the machine does not record the lost air as part of its VT and MV calculations and skew your calculations.

Having said all that your pressure ranges are higher than mine and this may affect things paradoxically. Honestly, the only way to figure this out is by trial and error.

More Lastly: I have also noticed big differences in my own results between F30i and P30i and would not be surprised that you find small differences between different nasal masks, enough to make a difference to your sleep quality.

Even More Lastly: grab a notebook and pencil, keep track of each change for a minimum of 3 - 5 days while your body adjusts, ideally longer. Keep tabs on your I:E ratios as read on your screen each morning.

Really Lastly, keep up posted!
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RE: Question one n30i cushion
Thanks severe apnea for your detailed analysis.  I will study what you have recommended and decide how to proceed.  
Appreciate your help
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RE: Question one n30i cushion
I recently had 2 loaner masks. I've returned them


P30i--I think--it was the one with the nasal pillows.

I wore the P30i one more time before I took it back. 1/2 hour. I was taped. I had a soft cervical pillow on. I had trouble breathing. I felt anxious as soon as i turned on my apap.
compliant for 35 years /// Still trying!

I'm just a cpap user like you. I don't give medical advice. Seek the advice of a physician before seeking treatment for medical conditions including sleep apnea. Sleep-well


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