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SolarSeven's Therapy Thread (needs help)
SolarSeven's Therapy Thread (needs help)
Hi all. I am so sorry if this is not the way to do this, and if not *please* someone point me in the right direction. Is this where we can come though to post OSCAR screenshots and get some help? If I need to add more information or more screenshots please let me know. AirSense 10 AutoSet, APAP, 9.4-15.0 pressure, which I raised the minimum when I first got my machine, to 8, before settling on 9.4 because the 4 level made it feel suffocating. Max pressure was 20 before an appt with a sleep tech lowered it to 15. I have been struggling and I just want to know what its like to get *consistent* decent sleep. I am on apap and have been since August (I think?) of last year. I was diagnosed around the end of May or something I think I cant remember, with severe sleep apnea, I am 6'3 at 260 pounds currently and was 287 back when diagnosed. The first night with the machine I got two hours and felt incredible. Since then though it has been a huge struggle, It is hard for me to stay consistent with the therapy because I get between ~1(1/2)-3 hours (3 only if I get very lucky) of sleep with the mask on before I wake up. It is a bit more often now that ill get about 5-7 hours in total with the therapy for the night but that is still VERY rare for me and if I do get that it is still interrupted sleep waking up like 2-4 times during the night. If I get a 6-7 hour night with the therapy I feel pretty good in the morning like it helped... other times not so much... but it feels like a constant battle those nights with constantly waking up and having to try and fall back asleep. Anyways I just feel like a mess all the time mentally without quality sleep, is this something anyone here thinks will just improve over time for me? Will the constantly waking up slowly stop if I stay consistent enough? Im just so tired... im sorry this post is not great I am sure I am missing some vital information here. I do feel like the wake ups are happening because my brain forgets to breath and I know there is a machine like ASV I think? or whatever that helps people with that problem? But I know its rare that people need that and I dont want to assume im the rare occurrence but things are just rough and im exhausted and annoyed. Okay sorry for the ramble im sure you all know how I feel and have felt how ive felt! Any help would be truly appreciated and please let me know if im in the right place and if I need to add anything to my post, thank you any and all for your help! Sorry again for the bad quality post and random information... let me know if any other info would help.

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RE: SolarSeven's Therapy Thread (needs help)
Cant find the edit button again... anyways here were my sleep study results if that helps anyone to have that information. I hope someone will be able to help. 

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RE: SolarSeven's Therapy Thread (needs help)
Welcome. This the right place to ask for help and you have posted the correct data. I'm sorry you're having such a struggle and there's no need to apologize for your post. Are there more pages to your sleep study report? If so please post them. I notice that your leaks increase just before you wake up. They're not major leaks but it may be that they are disrupting your sleep. I also use the F20 and if not adjusted correctly the leaks may blow into your eyes. This is a common problem with full face masks that fit over the bridge of the nose. It can be corrected in most cases with proper adjustment. See the mast primer link below for help with mask adjustment. I'm not too concerned about your clear airway events since most occur as your falling asleep. You are possibly holding your breate for brief periods as you settle into a comfortable position. Don't worry about needing an ASV. you have the best machine for your needs. The therapy is definitely helping as your obstructive events are greatly reduced. Turn on full time EPR at 3. That should reduce your obstructive events even more and will be more comfortable as you will be exhaling against a lower pressure. Be sure to post again after making the change so we can see the effect on your therapy,
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RE: SolarSeven's Therapy Thread (needs help)
Hello, great thank you I will make these adjustments and come back with an update. I really appreciate your help!
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RE: SolarSeven's Therapy Thread (needs help)
Hello I hope this pings you somehow Melman or if it brings this thread to the top for anyone else who may be able to help. I tried the EPR on a few times and it made me very anxious for some reason I slept one night for a few hours with it on and still ended up waking up again after a few hours. Is it worth it to try and push through the uncomfortable feeling of the EPR to see if it helps with my problems? Or is EPR strictly a comfort feature? Because if just a comfort feature then I think I would rather it off but I will try to put it back on and push through if anyone thinks it would help my waking up issue. The mask adjustments have helped comfort wise reading to keep it "like a pillow" where before I had it on a bit too tight. However I am still waking up constantly. I am getting a bit more hours and a bit more consistency with it, almost got 7 hours and 50 minutes in total sleep time with it recently however that was still with constantly waking up. I have fallen off a bit the past few nights only a few hours but I do try to tell myself to keep it on and fall back asleep. I hope at some point my body will adjust and just start sleeping through without the constant wake ups. If anybody has any more advice or adjustments or think I should push through with the EPR please let me know and ill do that. Regardless if no one has anything for me I will try a full month of consistency and take new OSCAR screenshots or something. Thanks to anyone for reading and thank you Melman if you see this.
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