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Tired of leaks, any FFM that does not leak?
Tired of leaks, any FFM that does not leak?
I logged 6200 hours on my aircurve10 vauto and yet i can't find restful sleep, maybe that is why many people just give up CPAP all together.

so, within the past 4 years this is what I think is happening, i loose muscle tone on sleeponset, any pressure of around 7 keeps it open till i sleep, but then in REM i need much stronger pressure, my machine can't rise the pressure fast enough as it takes few seconds before arousal, that is why i always wake up remembering a dream.
Nasal/pillow mask work great but can't pass epap: 7.2 PS: 3-4, although i tape my mouth, air escapes to my mouth for higher pressure causing chipmunks cheeks and arousals, i can not train my tongue as I had multiple tongue base surgeries, so i think it can't hold for pressure more than 7.2 epap
I also needs PS to be higher than 3.4 or 3.6 as less than that and in every arousal i feel heart palpitations/heart racing, for some reason PS at 4 does not cause the heart race thing (arousals still happen).

So i tried FFM masks for higher epap, and PS, theoretically it works ( see graph with the sudden pressure increase before arousal, but i could not bypass the leaks which mess up everything, FFM I tried?
dreamwear FFM, F30, F30i, S&P Vitera (this type of masks have least leaks but does not work as i have deviated septum and it presses on my nostrils closing it).
mods/addon I tried?
Pad a cheek , neck collar, chin straps. 

I still can not get a steady good night sleep from all the arousals despite low AHI always

I also tried mandibular advancement device, tongue exercises, tongue stabilizer, these did not offer even one night of sleep.

[Image: EjEEfja.png]

[Image: rLRulww.png]

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RE: Tired of leaks, any FFM that does not leak?
What about trying the Vitera with a nasal dilator device like Hale or Mute?

Maybe one of the experts here can offer suggestions about the slow response of your machine.
RE: Tired of leaks, any FFM that does not leak?
Thanks for the suggestion, never heard about those
RE: Tired of leaks, any FFM that does not leak?
I use the F&P Evora full when I want a break from mouth taping with a nasal mask.  It does not leak at all for me.

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RE: Tired of leaks, any FFM that does not leak?
I saw the thread of coffee man and found the mask in stock in the US, just made an order, hoping it will give no leaks , how was it for you? Any tips and tricks?
It's funny after the years I have arrived to the same aircurve settings as you! Hopefully the evora will do it for me as well! Thanks for your insight
RE: Tired of leaks, any FFM that does not leak?
Like I said I usually alternate between the bleep mask and the dreamwear nasal. I have to mouth tape with those two masks.  When I need a break from taping I use the Evora full and I find it doesn’t leak as far as when I use it.  The one thing I had to do with the Evora is to put a small piece of the air filter over the exhalation ports to reduce the air escaping, otherwise for a full face mask I really like it.
RE: Tired of leaks, any FFM that does not leak?
I have tied most of the FFM listed above with no luck. My sleep doctor, who has sleep apnea, recommended the Air Touch--it is soft memory--leaked foam around your face. I have almost eliminated mask leaks completely. It does need to be worn fairly tight. I couldn't deal with the AirFit one--leaked.

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