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[Treatment] Melissa's treatment thread
Melissa's treatment thread
Hello everyone!

My name is Melissa, 

I am 37 and was just diagnosed with mild sleep apnea. I ordered the ResMed AirSense 11 after reading on the forums that this was a good CPAP machine to start out with. A lot of the DME providers in my area was saying that it would take 6-18 months to get any CPAP in and the one that did say they could get one in, I didn't like how they sounded on the phone, plus it didn't sound like they would let me choose what CPAP machine I could get. So here I am ordering my own and learning how to do a claim through my insurance for it which is a lot of fun.  Wink 

I'll post my results from my sleep study in just a bit, but I have no idea what I'm doing or where to start. So that's why I am here on these forums to hopefully gain some knowledge to help me with my journey. I have also purchased an SD card in case my machine does not come with one so that I can download my information to it and onto the OSCAR software. I guess I need to figure out that as well. It just feels super overwhelming at this time. 

Thanks for reading!


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RE: Melissa's treatment thread
Welcome to the forum.
Nice first post. Keep a copy of that sleep report in your personal records at home. Do ask your the charts and tables that go with it.

Your initial setup should be
Min Pressure=max pressure=12
EPR=2, Fulltime (not ramp only)
Ramp: off
Mask type to match the mask you have

Also order the clinician manual by clicking on the black banner above "CPAP Setup manuals" and follow instructions. It is a manual process so it will take some time.

Titration study facts. They are very good at determining your optimum pressure for the fairly brief time you were at, for you, 12cmw. This does not cover a full night nor does it necessarily cover all sleep states

Therefore expect your settings to require modification. So post your first nights OSCAR daily charts, the first page only, ( we do need the Flow Limits chart) and use F12 (windows) or Fn+F12 (Mac) to take the screenshot as that does some formatting.
That and let us know how you feel. I feel fine is not a good answer as we do want to know any issues and critically how you feel.
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RE: Melissa's treatment thread
Thanks, Gideon, for your reply!

I should get my CPAP on Tuesday or Wednesday...you know those pesky holiday shipping times are causing a slow down on when I'm to get it. I've already downloaded the manual and started reading up on it. I do have to get my old laptop out to download OSCAR on to it. I'm not going to try to figure it out on my mac. Plus I feel much more comfortable using windows versus mac with new software. Once I get my CPAP, I'll be sure to upload my OSCAR results to see if I need modifications.

I also have the charts and the full sleep study results; I just didn't know if that would be helpful or not. I can post them if anyone would like to see them.

Again, thank you for assisting me with the initial settings, I was slightly daunted about figuring that out. I knew it was 12, but that's as far as I got!
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RE: Melissa's treatment thread
Well, I got my CPAP yesterday and tried it out for the first time last night. It was almost a disaster. I took the mask on and off multiple times. I ended up putting on the ramp features and that was more comfortable for me. It made me feel less suffocated. I nearly had a panic attack when I first put it on with the full pressure going. I felt like I couldn’t breathe and I have PTSD from a previous trauma so that was not a good combination. I was able to leave it on all night though once I got into bed with the ramp feature on. So, I know a lot of people don’t agree with using it, but for me, it made things a lot more tolerable.

I still need to download Oscar, so until then I’ll just keep you guys updated on my journey and once I do, I’ll download some reports.

Thanks for reading!
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RE: Melissa's treatment thread
Hi, Melissa  

First, try getting used to the machine by putting it on during the day when you are reading or watching television.  When you are more comfortable with it, then try sleeping or napping with it.  
I have high end of moderate sleep apnea, and the initial settings prescribed by my sleep doctor, a pulmonologist, were minimum 4 and maximum 16.  I would have found it impossible to start with anything higher than 4 or 6 as the minimum while I was first getting used to pressure.  In the APAP mode, the machine is going to adjust to what it perceives that you need within the range.

I think my EPR setting was 2 initially, but I'm not sure.  Humidity and temperature were set to Auto.

It took me about a week to be able to sleep through the night with it.  Once I did, I never wanted to stop using it.

Good luck!
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RE: Melissa's treatment thread
By the way, I have a MacBook Pro without Windows and no technical knowledge, and I was able to download OSCAR without any hitches.
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RE: Melissa's treatment thread
Thanks for your reply Lucid!

That’s reassuring. After turning on the ramp, I haven’t had any issues sleeping with it. I think it’s just that initial suffocating feeling. I was once upon a time strangled and when I perceive myself without air, I panic.

I’ve used the CPAP for 2 nights without any issues. That I know of. I still need to download OSCAR. Lol. I’ll get to it, but with the holidays, it’s fallen down on the list. At least I have my SD card in the machine.

I have noticed my nose to be a little sore today. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions for that?
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RE: Melissa's treatment thread
That sounds great, Melissa!

I haven't used this mask, but I looked it up on YouTube and found a helpful review on a channel I like:


You can skip to 2:52 if you don't want to spend time on the lead-in.

He notes that he got pimples on his nose from it, but moving up to the next size helped.  The video also has tips on sizing and on options for connection and disconnection.  It's also worth searching this site for reviews and tips.

If the problem is that the mask is occluding your pores, you could try cutting a liner out of old tee shirt material.  If the issue is pressure, you might play with the straps like LankyLefty does.

It's also worth trying different masks.  I like the ResMed p30i, which has the least contact with skin and feels most secure to me.  It also has a handy clip on connection for the tube on top that's easy to use.

Some people have a couple of different masks that they alternate when irritations develop.

My DME has a 30-day trial period for masks.  If a mask isn't working, they will send me a different one if I ask within 30 days.  Happy hunting!
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RE: Melissa's treatment thread
Hey everyone, Happy Thursday! 

I downloaded OSCAR and I took a screenshot with my phone of my first two nights’ sleep.

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RE: Melissa's treatment thread
Thanks Lucid! 

I think mine has to do with pressure. I may order the p30i as a back up as I’ve read great things about it. 

Unfortunately, or fortunately, however you look at it, I don’t have a DME. Lol. I’m going at it alone. So I’m submitting my claims and everything myself to my insurance. I do want to be mindful of costs as well, but I do want to be comfortable. 

Thanks again for your insight.
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