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Unable to get my BiPap treatment even started properly
Unable to get my BiPap treatment even started properly
Hey guys, and first thank you for reading my post. I recently started running all sorts of tests on myself, beginning with a full blood panel that I found for cheap. Also did a full body mri. Mri did not detect any respiratory issues or deviated septum by the way

My testosterone levels have always been borderline clinically low even in my late teens and early 20s. At times I’ve been overweight, but even when I was in my best shape, this was the case. Current 30 years old and somewhat overweight

When I mentioned this to my endocrinologist, and also that I feel like I must take a nap every day a few hours after waking and especially about an hour after eating, or I feel terrible all day, she mentioned maybe doing a sleep study. Shortly thereafter I got targeted by an at home sleep study advertisement, and I did a test. 

Got diagnosed with mild sleep apnea AHI of 6.5. My dad also had it diagnosed with AHI of 11 so I’m sure it’s somewhat genetic. He’s more overweight than me. The follow up from the provider has not been the greatest.

Anyways, I decided to go for the big guns as I was concerned a retainer could be very uncomfortable and maybe change my teeth or jaw structure over the long term, and immediately went for an aircurve 10

I’ve had it for a couple of months now, and I am unable to get myself to wear the mask for more than two hours at a time during actual sleep. It’s so uncomfortable that I can’t fall asleep in the first place, or when I wake up briefly, I can’t go back to sleep. But that’s not the only issue.

I must have tried more than 20 times by now and the only setup that I’ve been able to get my AHI lower than 5 is one time when I wore a nasal pillows mask (airfit p10) with some mouth tape, and managed to fall asleep for about an hour, with an AHI of 2. I thought that I had figured it out and just needed to get used to the mask, but unfortunately when I continued to sleep for another hour, the average ahi climbed to the teens. 

I tried again with the same setup the following night, and had an AHI of 17. It’s really frustrating to try really hard, but have counterproductive results. I can honestly say since I’ve gotten the machine, that my sleep has gotten worse and I keep disrupting it for no improvement

The full face mask is tough for me, because it’s a lot less comfortable, I was trying for weeks to wear a chinstrap with earplugs, eye mask, and a full face mask… And that that point I just feel like I’m a mummy, and it’s so uncomfortable that the likelihood of falling asleep is pretty low. Keep in mind that I’ve been sleeping with a facemask for more than 10 years, so I already feel accustomed to having something on my face while I sleep.

I realized that mouth tape for me works a lot better than a chinstrap. But I need to make sure the seal is good or I think that’s what might be causing the AHI to climb? When I try to breathe through my mouth even though it’s taped and it leaks. The chin strap makes my jaw really sore. Even the tape can make my facial muscles sore somehow but it’s not as bad.

So, not only do I have trouble getting the machine to actually get my AHI down past where it already was, but I can’t sleep through the night with it. I did read some people saying that you should try and wear it while you are awake, or start the machine before you actually want to sleep. I tried both of these things, but didn’t really seem to have a huge impact.

I tried ordering a tongue suction thing that holds your tongue up out of your mouth, but I never received it, and they would not send me a replacement… I gave up on the idea after I read that it can make your mouth really dry which is bad for your dental health and etc. The idea of a retainer seems counterproductive as it could change my facial/jaw structure and be uncomfortable

I’m not sure how to proceed, at this point I’ve spent a few thousand dollars and have really not improved my sleep at all. I’ve really tried consistently, not every night as it’s too frustrating and tiring, but probably every couple of days since I got the machine. Can anyone please point me in the right direction here, I will be super grateful
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RE: Unable to get my BiPap treatment even started properly
Tried editing the main thread, but can’t

Wanted to say that with the full face mask, if I open my mouth, it inflates my cheeks and makes it impossible to sleep. It immediately wakes me up the moment that my mouth opens. But not only that, I think it’s bad for dental health for strong airflow to be pushing through your mouth for 8 hours per night as it would make your mouth really dry. I actually experienced trying to sleep with my mouth open with full face mask for 30 minutes, and I can only imagine how it would feel after eight hours. After a short period I felt like I had been in the desert for a few days without water.

It’s possible that my masks are not perfect fits, but I think that they are mostly good or pretty close. The machine mask fit thing shows a smiley face. But even when I test trying to take it half off it doesn’t detect any issues so seems useless. There could probably be a slight improvement, but unsure to what extent.

Does anybody have any insight into how the machine detects that you have stopped breathing and records an event?

I have not tried mouth tape with a full face mask, maybe the full face mask would catch the leakage from the mouth tape?

I think I accidentally submitted the thread twice, if any admin can delete the other one, would be great.

Thanks Again!
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RE: Unable to get my BiPap treatment even started properly
The duplicate thread has been deleted.
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RE: Unable to get my BiPap treatment even started properly
Thank you
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RE: Unable to get my BiPap treatment even started properly
Anyone have any advice
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RE: Unable to get my BiPap treatment even started properly
What about the different masks makes it uncomfortable for you?

The biggest thing that stands out for me is you're trying too hard and have likely increased your anxiety around going to sleep now that you're trying all of the varying devices and methods at the very same time without a consistent approach.

If we focus just on the bilevel (bipap) itself - how do you feel with your most comfortable mask? Have you played with the climate / humidity settings at all to avoid dry nose / mouth? Do you have any OSCAR data to share with us so we can see if the settings you're using are even therapeutic? I'm suspect of your EPAP min of 4 being effective at all in keeping your airway open but we'd need to see the data to tell for sure.

My advice to you:

1. Your number one priority is building comfort and therapeutic success to get your using your bilevel all night. Once you are consistently sleeping 6-8hrs per night on bilevel and you're getting good results w/ the settings then you can evaluate whether you need additional devices to aid your therapy.
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RE: Unable to get my BiPap treatment even started properly
To give any advise we need to see data. We get the data from Oscar. Please download it from the top of the site (completely free) and put up a nights sleep so we can help.
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