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Wedge Pillow Issue Maybe?
Wedge Pillow Issue Maybe?
I've been having these nasty clusters of apneas/hypopneas.  

Can a wedge pillow cause this to happen?


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RE: Wedge Pillow Issue Maybe?
That is typical of positional apnea and is common when people sleep in inclined position without neck support like a soft cervical collar or airplane pillow. https://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.ph...onal_Apnea
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RE: Wedge Pillow Issue Maybe?
What you are looking at is Positional Apnea, it is quite common.  If I sleep on my back my OSCAR chart looks just like yours.  Higher pressure will not help it at all.  As to your pillow causing it...perhaps.   Some folks find that a soft cervical collar helps, I think some actually use a wedge pillow...
The only way I could stop my Positional Apnea was to sleep on my side. 

It is caused by misalignment of the airway typically tucking the chin down, like bending over a garden hose and stopping the water flow.

It is normally detected by clusters of Obstructive and Hypopnea events usually associated with an uneven and smaller/narrower Flow Rate chart. 

Go to the Apnea Boards "Wiki" and search Positional Apnea, I think it will give you some ideas as to how to stop it.
I am not an expert...just a long time user.
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RE: Wedge Pillow Issue Maybe?
Thanks for the information and link.  

Funny thing is that I have been using the wedge for a long time and these clusters only started a couple of months ago.  The only differences are that I gained some weight (around 20 pounds) and replaced my wedge pillow around the time this started happening.    

I don't think I could wear a cervical collar to bed.  I'm going to sleep on my side tonight without the wedge and see what my chart looks like tomorrow. I'm prone to positional vertigo so sleeping on my side may be an issue.. However, I'm going to try.

Now I see why my doctor told me a pressure increase won't help.
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RE: Wedge Pillow Issue Maybe?
Thanks sleeprider and old Steve.

Positional apnea it is.  Here is most recent chart.  Did a test. Took nap on back without wedge pillow.  Better than with wedge for sure.   However, went to sleep on my side and that made a huge difference.  

I'm going to try a cpap pillow (delivery tomorrow) to see if I can sleep on my back; however, I now know side sleeping works well. 

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RE: Wedge Pillow Issue Maybe?
Most CPAP pillows are too high and contribute to positional apnea.  One generally needs a flatter pillow.  I used collars for a while but decided to try a different kind of pillow to see if that would work.  I bought a child-size pillow, as they are generally flatter.  The one I got has a raised area on the top front and back that tips my head back slightly, and it solves positional apnea completely for me.  That pillow is no longer made, but I found one on Amazon that looks as though it might work in the same way.  I don't know that for sure, but it's probably worth looking at.  Here's the link:


Best of luck with finding a solution to your positional apnea.  Smile

P.S. I am a black sleeper
Machine:  ResMed AirCurve 10 Vauto
Mask:  Bleep DreamPort Sleep Solution
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RE: Wedge Pillow Issue Maybe?
I have been using a large wedge pillow, so my upper torso is on the wedge, and I sleep on my side. There is no problem whatsoever because my neck is not bent. 
I had high obstructions on my back with any pillow.
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RE: Wedge Pillow Issue Maybe?
Thanks for sharing the link and thoughts Deborah.  

Oh, I hoped the cpap pillow would keep my head in a better position. I didn't think about the thickness as much. I guess it might push my head forward.  Darn, I won't be able to return it. Wink 

I'm hesitant to try such a flat pillow because I've had issues with frequent (every two-three months) occurrences of benign positional vertigo. Sleeping on side and flat my back isn't good to do with vertigo issues. This is why I was using a wedge pillow that I used for years.  Having said that, since being on cpap, I haven't had a vertigo attack (almost a year).  I told sleep doc that sleep apnea must have been the reason for so many vertigo attacks, but he seemed puzzled by it.  LOL. I find it hard to believe its coincidental that they stopped suddenly after starting CPAP.  

Still nervous about getting vertigo though.  I braved trying to sleep on my side, so maybe I can brave a flatter pillow.  Too-funny   

Does anyone know if weight gain can cause positional apnea or at least cause it worsen? Like I said, I've used the wedge pillow for years and with cpap on my back for over year with no issue. Then, a couple of months ago those crazy events started happening.  Weight gain is the only thing that is different with me.

G. Szabo, I'm not sure how you sleep on your side on the wedge pillow.  I can't side sleep on the wedge as my neck is always bent. I do have broad shoulders though.  

Thanks everyone.
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