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Wife Noises
RE: Wife Noises
My wife and I have discussed possibly getting a new bed. I was wondering about those beds that are split down the middle. That seems like a good idea. 

Recently, my left hip is sensitive (painful) when I lay on it. It's done that in the past, but usually goes away after a while. This time, it seems to be sticking around. 

Thinking maybe a new bed might help.  Dont-know
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RE: Wife Noises
I'll just play this straight. Ear muffs ore going to be bulky and uncomfortable to sleep in. I recently got a set of 3M Peltor X3A ($23 on Amazon) and they are great for everything from using the backpack blower, chainsaw to shooting at the range. You won't hear anything. Now for something you can actually tolerate and will work. Mack's Ultra Soft Foam ear plugs are great for reducing sound and wearing a longer time. I use them on the motorcycle and some other high noise areas when the bulky earmuffs just aren't right. They are NRR rated at 33 dB and cost about 10-cents each (50 pair for $10).

If you want to get purpose-built active noise cancelling headphones for sleeping, you can find products up to $300 like Kokoon Headphones or Bose Active noise cancelling earbuds for sleeping. Lots of much less expensive choices, just do a search. "active noise cancelling headphones for sleeping" Good luck and keep us posted.
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RE: Wife Noises
(12-30-2020, 02:38 AM)Jeff8356 Wrote: I actually had to start wearing earplugs due to my wife's snoring!  Eventually she got her own APAP machine and things got much better.  Oddly, I got so used to wearing the earplugs, I can't sleep without them now!  And she is mostly quiet now....

What type of ear plugs do you sleep with?  All my plugs have fallen out.
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RE: Wife Noises
I find there's a technique required for effective use of earplugs. There is also big differences between manufacturers in the material used, which impacts both noise isolation and comfort. Some plugs are frankly useless.

The earplugs I use are those that I have used for many years, going back to when I raced karts and later, rode motorcycles. They are orange and made by 3M. They are very good indeed, but only if inserted correctly. By that I mean they have to be inserted quite deeply. This ensures performance and helps prevent them coming loose when you shift around on the pillow.

Ideally, the plugs should be cold. In summer, I keep new plugs in the fridge. This makes the plugs 'stiffer', so that when squeezed down ready to insert, they don't immediately spring back, which makes it real hard to get them all the way in. The slow recovery in shape also helps them 'seal' better. You have to be quick though, because the heat from your fingers will soon warm they up and they will become 'bouncy' again. I find that tapered plugs will work their way out if not inserted deep enough. You get one attempt and, if you fail, you have to chill them down again or get a new pair from the fridge. I only have to chill them during the warmer months.

Those 3M plugs are tapered for comfort and made from soft but reasonably dense material. I buy them from 'Bunnings', an Australian hardware and DIY store, in bags of 180:

[Commercial Link Removed] Search for, "3M Model #92800-LG80-6DC"

Others that I have used on the bike weren't tapered and were made from stiffer material. This made them easier to insert and effective, but less comfortable, which didn't really matter much on the bike. I couldn't wear them all night though, hence my preference for the 'soft' type.

I don't need earplugs at home, at night, but I do have to use them if I need a nap during the day, when the normal 'sounds of the suburbs' would keep me awake. I take them when traveling, just in case the accommodation is noisy and for sleeping/snoozing on planes, also whenever I am photographing motorsports.
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RE: Wife Noises
I should also add that, being a side-sleeper, headphone-type ear muffs wouldn't work for me. Also, based solely on using them on planes, I find the in-ear earbuds quite painful after a couple of hours use.
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RE: Wife Noises
I just ordered some 3M foam ear plugs off of EBAY. I'm down to my last pair. I use mine for m/c riding. The kind I like, are not tapered, but little foam barrels that you squeeze into shape and then insert. They rarely fall out if inserted correctly. 

I got 50 pairs for $13.00. That will last me many years.  Cool
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RE: Wife Noises
(12-30-2020, 06:53 PM)macheta Wrote:
(12-30-2020, 02:38 AM)Jeff8356 Wrote: I actually had to start wearing earplugs due to my wife's snoring!  Eventually she got her own APAP machine and things got much better.  Oddly, I got so used to wearing the earplugs, I can't sleep without them now!  And she is mostly quiet now....

What type of ear plugs do you sleep with?  All my plugs have fallen out.

I use "Flents Quiet Please" ear plugs.  They are a slightly harder foam (PVC i think) and are not tapered.  Been using them for years and never had any issues with them falling out.  The typical tapered ear plugs are softer and I always had a problem getting them in correctly.
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RE: Wife Noises
I use a fairly cheap version of earplugs from Walmart. Soft foam, bullet shaped with flared ends to the outside. They really work and don't fall out if you roll them between your fingers, then I kind of screw them into my ears.
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RE: Wife Noises
Hiya StevesSp

thanks for those tips on how to use the earplugs. I had no idea! We had some of those yellow ear plugs from somewhere else, I think they came free with some eye masks or maybe Qantas, anyway useless, I found I could never get them to stay in and they were not comfy for side sleeping, so I gave them the toss.

I found those you mentioned online at Bunnings, guess what? aisle 7 Sold Out. Thought all those tradies were on leave this time of year?! They must have bought the lot after your post LOL.

Check out the Review on these earplugs:

Plugs 1 Snoring nil
★★★★★★★★★★4 out of 5 stars.
4 months ago  

Wife sleeps with these in to drown out my snoring. Works well. Smile

  •  Yes
  • I recommend this product. Dielaughing

Someone should tell him to get a sleep study, oh dear!

(They are now on Bunnings Shopping List, at least I now know how to use them, thanks!)
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