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[split] MyAir Scoring
[split] MyAir Scoring
Seems like there is a dislocation between the scoring on the Airsense 10/MyAir  and what one's sleep lab/DME recommends. Airsense 10/Resmed wants one to use the device for 7 hours to get the maximum score, and one is encouraged to strive for scores of 100. It seems to me that more weight should be attached to the events per hour and mask leak scores than to the amount of time used. On the app, 7 hours (and over) of usage gives you 70, mask seal max is worth 20, events per hour is worth 5 and number of times the mask is removed is 5.

In striving for the perfect 100, am I paying too much attention to hours of usage? My Sleep lab wants 4 hours or greater of usage, but the 4 hour minimum would give you 40, not 70 points. Many times I feel that 7 hours sleep per night is too much for me. For example, often I'll wake up at 4:30, but know that I need an additional hour to reach the magic 7. Trouble is, during that last hour I often experience lots of CAs.
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RE: Usage hours?
I don't worry about the numbers from myAir. Some nights, like Saturday, I only get about 5 hours as I need to be up at 5 for church (lead A/V guy so I have to get there early). Other nights I may get 8 or 9 depending on my schedule and when I went to bed the night before. The only numbers I really care about are AHI (events per hour) and whether I had a good mask seal or not. If my AHI looks high or really odd, then I will download the card into OSCAR.

I think the reason the sleep lab pushes for 4 hours is that is the daily usage that is used by most insurers to gauge compliance. They only care about how long you are using the machine and not whether you got a good night's sleep or not. We know our bodies and how much sleep we really need. I don't know how long you have used myAir but from time to time they send you badges when you make certain milestones.

Key takeaway - use your machine to make you feel like you had a good night's sleep and don't worry about their arbitrary scoring system.

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RE: [split] MyAir Scoring
Thanks for the re-assurance. I turned off the award badge function way back. I've been on CPAP since the Fall of 2020. It has made a major difference. My wife says I am so quiet when asleep that she thinks I'm dead! Energy is fine with no tiredness or brain-fog. My original sleep study had my AHI above 57. Over the last 14 months my daily average is 1.95 with leakage <2. The reason for my previous post was that I had seen some information (including one of the Lanky Lefty videos) that discuss the possibility of false  CAs. They link it to not being in a deep (or REM) sleep, starting to wake-up. Most of the time CAs are about 60-70% of my total score and happen around 4-4:30 in the morning - when I often do wake-up and check the clock.
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RE: [split] MyAir Scoring
>>> I turned off the award badge function way back.

I thought the awards were the most amusing part of myAir... Big Grin
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RE: [split] MyAir Scoring
(11-21-2022, 10:10 PM)SingingWolf Wrote: In striving for the perfect 100, am I paying too much attention to hours of usage? 

Eat-popcorn  This should be good.  There's a lot of bias against the MyAir reports in the forum.  Waiting to hear the responses!!  Big Grin

As for me, I ignore everything in the MyAir except for the AHI number and the mask seal.  I wish it would give the 95% pressure reading like the AirMini app does, but for some reason (which I believe is a disconnected strategy on bluetooth and modern wearables at ResMed) but it doesn't.  Have to haul out OSCAR or ReScan for that...

As for the 4 hours, I agree with Homerec130 and believe that's a hold-over on compliance requirements from Medicare and thus adopted by every insurer.  From what I've read, medical wisdom is for a sliding scale of hours of sleep based on age.  For my mid-50s (getting closer to high-50s or even 60s!) the recommended time is between 7 and 8 hours per night.  That's what I strive for, but ultimately, it comes down to how I feel.  Do I feel tired during the day?  or not...
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RE: [split] MyAir Scoring
I don't think the forum has a great deal of bias against MyAir, it just has limited value for optimizing therapy because it is entirely focused on encouraging compliance or use-hours. We have seen users with good MyAir scores have very poor therapy efficacy because AHI is a minor factor, and lesser events like flow limitation don't even enter into the equation. I think of MyAir as a tool for DMEs, and doctors which are only concerned with hours of use. They actually get to see AirView which has data approaching what we see in Oscar if they care to look. If a bias exists against MyAir it is because the program insults the intelligence of users and prevents them from acquiring useful data to participate in their own therapy decisions....I guess that sort of proves your point.
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