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what is happening here
what is happening here
.I Have been having this kind of night since I started using a CPCP Airsense10 for her almost 2 years ago. COuldn't any answers from anyone and am now waiting to see a respiroligist who specializes in Apnea. But it will be month before I see her. I jhave runs of apneas both big and small most nights. March-June was horrendous but I have had a couple of better weeksuntil last night when I broke my record and had 223 CA? events and an AHI of 48.79. It is now 8 in the evening and my head still doesn't feel good and I was too tired to do anything -still in my robe and slippers.  Does anyone have a similar pattern or know anything about this kind of apnea.


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RE: what is happening here
I am not the person to try to help with centrals (also called CA or clear airway). But it looks to me as they may be positional apnea where you are sleeping in a position that cuts off your breathing. No pressure changes can help, if it is positional apnea, you have to find a way to sleep so that you don’t get into that position. 

Sometimes it can be sleeping on you back or to high of pillows making your chin drop to your sternum cutting off your airway. 

Generally it show up as O or H events not centrals but again that is what I think it is, positional apnea. 

Please check my link to collars in my signature. It shows people without using collars and then the same people with collars. Huge difference!
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RE: what is happening here
Well seeing as it is almost entirely central apneas and not obstructive apnea's it could be caused by a lot of different things that would require a different treatment than CPAP, while the CPAP is almost certainly helping with any obstructive apneas you may have had and is often one attempted treatment for central apneas as well it is not always the correct solution to correct the issue (Think of it like using a 13mm wrench to tighten a 1/2" bolt, it is close enough to do the job in a lot of situations, but in other situations that require more torque it increases the odds of slipping due to being .512" and not .50", it can be used in certain situations but not in others)

Though it is interesting that during the first onset you have 2 obstructive right before the series of events which does leave plausibility to what the first person is hypothesizing. The issue with central is that it could be caused by any number of a lot of different health issues that may not have been diagnosed yet because while very dumbed down the way you can view central and obstructive is that obstructive something it obstructing the air way, wither it be your tongue or other mussels anywhere between your mouth/nose and lungs, hence the term obstructive, while as central is your central processing unit, CPU, aka brain, is failing to send the proper signal to tell your muscles to breath, wither that be your brain itself, or an issue along the nerves connecting your brain to those muscles and happens even with a clear airway hence the terms central (like CPU) or clear air way.

So honestly while people can speculate what is going on here you really need information only your doctors can find out because it is not like we have the equipment to see what is causing the brain or nerves to misfire if it is truly central (which CPAP machines can make a guess it is central but it can never be 100% sure because it doesn't have the sensors to verify actual central apneas, it can make an educated guess that it is based on certain patterns but it is still just a guess).
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RE: what is happening here
My first thought is positional apnea as stacyburke described above.

In some of your other posts, you've been experiencing this for 2 years, so I think you can rule out treatment emergent ca's.

Have you ever been checked by a cardiologist? It would be good to rule out any heart issues.

I can't say if the CSR is real or not. There usually is a pattern of waxing and waning with CA's.

I believe Gideon requested (in another thread you posted in) that you show us a couple of areas on the Flow Rate graph of the CA's maybe 2-3 minutes or longer and especially around the CSR.

Also, turn off the EPR setting. We may be able to advise you until you see your doctor.
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