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1 year and still tired! - Scott C. - 06-21-2017

Hello everyone, I am so glad I found your site! Long story short, just over a year I did a take home sleep test and was told I have severe O.S.A. They gave me a P.R. Dreamstation machine and sent me on my way. No real instructions just the manuals and Dream Mapper. No follow ups, except the compliance phone calls. And after the compliance period nothing! I mean nothing from my Dr. not anybody. All the while I'm just waiting for the headaches and sleeplessness to stop. The headaches finally did but that wake up feeling refreshed has not. Eyes feel like I have been reading all night and I'm tired every morning. Fast forward a year. And I come across this board, after looking at other boards and Y.T. videos.  And bam! This board was such a light going off. Downloaded S.H. yesterday and I'm off to the races. Just received a notice from my Dr. to come in for check up. So before I make an appointment with him. I wanted to get your opinion on my charts. This day is pretty typical for me. Lots of Hypopneas and no snoring really. Still learning how to read these charts. Not sure if I have a leak problem I know laying on my back is a big issue. And I have been wearing a foam cervical collar for a few days to see if that helps.Plus adjusted my minimum pressure from 4 to 6 based on what I read on this site.  Any input would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!   Cool

[Image: wp7Ye1Al.png]

RE: 1 year and still tired! - DavePaulson - 06-21-2017

I think for some reason your machine is slow to respond to your flow limitations. I think a minimum pressure increase will fix this, if it was me I would bump it up to 8 and go slow from there, but I'm new here so wait for the more experienced people to show up.

RE: 1 year and still tired! - trish6hundred - 06-21-2017

Hi Scott C. ,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Hang in there for more answers to your questions and good luck to you as you continue CPAP therapy.

RE: 1 year and still tired! - Scott C. - 06-21-2017

Thanks DavePaulson. Yes I think I read somewhere on this site that P.R. Dreamstation (auto)has a slow response. That is one of the reasons I raised my min. pressure from 4 - 6. I did that 3 days ago.

Thanks trish6hundred good to be here!

RE: 1 year and still tired! - ajack - 06-21-2017

The respironics are slower that resmed and need to be closer to the 95%. I wouldn't have an issue with 8, 7 could also be tried. Most wouldn't feel the difference between the 2 pressures and 8 would nip more in the bud. We know 6 isn't working.

RE: 1 year and still tired! - OpalRose - 06-21-2017

It looks like an increase in minimum pressure to 8cm will help.  The max pressure doesn't matter right now, but I personally like to narrow the range.  Bring it down a bit to 15.

What Flex setting are you using?  Try to set it at 2 or even 1.  

If you make these changes, stick with it for a few days.

I don't see a leak problem, so your good there.  

RE: 1 year and still tired! - Scott C. - 06-21-2017

Thanks "ajake"  and "OpalRose" I will bump min. pressure up to 8 tonight and see how it goes. Will lower max.pressure to 15 as well. The Flex is set at 2 it was 3 a couple days ago Ill try setting it at 1 tonight. Glad to know there isn't a leak issue. Will keep you posted. So I assume there is nothing to worry about on those charts so far. My imagination was running wild when I first saw them. O.K. lets do this! Thanks for talking the time to respond. Greatly appreciated!

Oh I will also try sleeping more on my side.

RE: 1 year and still tired! - ajack - 06-22-2017

I wouldn't be concerned if it was my chart, it seems par for the course. Later you may look at any clusters that are left. Some find the cheap, foam collars can help if you put your chin to your chest. I would adjust your pressure and wait for a while, to see how you settle down. Your body is in a bit of a learning curve with cpap.

RE: 1 year and still tired! - quiescence at last - 06-22-2017

looking at the flow limitation score it seems high enough to suspect a raise in minimum pressure is a good call. I look at two numbers when I have similar situation, and choose which one is greater:
median pressure (for you that was 6.0)
90% or 95% pressure minus 2 cm (for you that was 9.1-2 = 7.1)
that is why I would pick my minimum as 7, but would not be adverse to 8.

I see that you have begun to use the foam collar, and wonder if that quieted your clusters of apnea down.


RE: 1 year and still tired! - Scott C. - 06-22-2017

"ajake" thanks for letting me know i'm normal as far as the charts go. "quiescence at last" been using collar for over a week. Not sure it helps with the clusters. Laying on my side helps a lot! I tried new settings last night a couple things stood out. First I slept 8 hours straight .I usually get up at least 1-2 times and my 95% went to 10. For the last year I always thought lower pressure numbers was the goal.