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RE: My life has become living hell... - arc0509 - 06-13-2020

(07-26-2018, 08:47 PM)SteveMac Wrote: Another recommendation ...

There is a "steam inhaler" device out there called MyPurMist (google it).   Can buy online or, in the US at least, at Walgreens (probably other places).  This isn't a typical steam machine, it generates VERY fine mist ... almost like a nebulizer.   I use this in winter when I invariably get sinus infection and or lower respiratory infection.    For me, it is better than practically any medicine that claims to clear/open sinuses.

Using this before you go to bed may help.

Do you take steam daily?? Also, do you have nasal blockage whenever you lie down with or without machine?

RE: My life has become living hell... [nose blockage] - arc0509 - 06-13-2020

(07-27-2018, 07:15 AM)OpalRose Wrote: I use a saline nasal rinse in the squeeze bottle almost daily.  You can buy in a kit, prepackaged saline packets, and squeeze bottle.  I find this easier to use than a Neti Pot.  

With either one, use distilled water only.

Does it solve your nasal congestion when lying down?

RE: My life has become living hell... [nose blockage] - arc0509 - 06-13-2020

(07-27-2018, 09:23 AM)Stom Wrote:
(07-26-2018, 03:11 PM)arc0509 Wrote: The nose block clears mostly while standing up and worsens immediately on lying down.

As a result, i have to sleep supine while having my dreamwear mask on. Any other position leads to problem of noseblock

I had a giant wedge pillow made at a local foam shop. I cannot sleep lying flat. My nose gets instantly congested. Inclined or no sleep. This also helps with acid reflux, which I was also getting. Fancy bed that could move would be nice, but the wedge works more or less.

Can you post a photo of the pillow you got made? i can consider going for something similar..

RE: My life has become living hell... [nose blockage] - arc0509 - 06-13-2020

(07-27-2018, 11:18 AM)Cpapian Wrote:
(07-27-2018, 03:06 AM)arc0509 Wrote:
  • Has anyone used neti pot on regular basis???
I like the Neil Med bottle better than the neti pot, a little easier.  I  mix my own saline solution: half a teaspoon salt to a cup of distilled water.  It is good to do this before bed and naps.  I think continued use will help on a more sustained basis.  If you don't have distilled water readily available, you might have to distill your own.  Creep rotten stuff can be in the water, go through the nose, into the brain and kill a person.

Couple of questions ...... do you have allergies or a lot of air polution in your area?  
Do you keep your tongue at the roof of your mouth all the time?  If not, you should.  XPAP therapy works better that way, plus some think it improves the sinus flow.

Did you say you don't have a doctor or you don't have medical insurance?

If you can, seeing an allergist and an ENT would probably be helpful in determining the cause and the most appropriate solution.

I live in India. Definitely one of the most polluted places. My city is definitely in top 20 if not top 10. I have already got my nose checked by two different doctors. Both say nothing is wrong with my nose. No sinus, no allergy nothing. They blame it on the unnatural pressure of the machine. I am at min 8 and max 13 currently. Anything lower than 8 messes up my sleep.

RE: My life has become living hell... [nose blockage] - arc0509 - 06-13-2020

(07-27-2018, 12:28 PM)mesenteria Wrote: Most pharmacies will sell gallon plastic milk-type jugs of distilled water for a little more than a gallon a jug, maybe two bucks.  It might be cheaper in the long run, if you intend to live for about six more years, to have a good filtration or reverse-osmosis system put in line to one of the sink faucets in your house.  There are also in-line UV sterilization systems that are available for about $300+/-.

Municipal water is safe at the tap.  If the quality is good, with low dissolved minerals, then it's also safe to use in other systems, and also in misters and nasal injectors.

I have two reverse osmosis systems in my home. TDS is always around 25. But what exactly are you suggesting? Nasal irrigation using saline water?

RE: My life has become living hell [nose blockage] - OpalRose - 06-13-2020

I normally don't experience nasal congestion laying down (unless I have a cold or allergies act up) plus I sleep slightly elevated, which helps.
Using saline nasal sprays regularly helps.

RE: My life has become living hell... [nose blockage] - arc0509 - 06-13-2020

(07-28-2018, 10:15 AM)ghce Wrote:
(07-27-2018, 03:06 AM)arc0509 Wrote: Actually the issie is more compounded without the mask. With the mask pushing in air, i can atleast sleep peacefully. But, without the mask, the situation is terrible. Nasal sprays like otrivin which open up instantly are not healthy for continuous use of more than 3 days. So i use it in emergencies only. Normal saline nasal sprays dsnt work.

However, i am a bit relieved that the issue is not isolated.

But can anyone take a short nap wdout the machine??? I cannot susyain even for 10 mins wdout that except for when i use otrivin to fully open my passages. But nasal sprays like these are not recommended by docs here except in emergencies due to fear of rebound nasal congestion.

Same problem for me, I cant sleep more than a minute without the CPAP. What has worked for me with breathing is the P10 nasal pillows. With a full face mask my nostrils close, the pillows blow them open.

For nasal congestion which I also suffer from hugely I find turning the humidity down to 1 or off and tube temperature off helps a lot.

I dont recommend prolonged use of prescription nasal sprays, in my case I used them for about  6 or 7 years continuously 3 or 4 times a day, the result other than nice clear breathing seems to be a wrecked HPTA system.

Can you confirm about the congestion being solved after using nasal pillows? I mean i am usually fine in supine position but in any other position the nose gets blocked..

Do nasal pillows allow you to sleep in any position?

RE: My life has become living hell... [nose blockage] - arc0509 - 06-13-2020

(07-29-2018, 01:05 PM)GuppyDRV Wrote: Had the same problem. I take Allegra as needed during allergy season and I use a Neti Pot nightly. I boil the water for 5 minutes pre-use and add a small amount of salt. Without these steps the Neti stings the sinus a small bit and I guess the boiling helps with bacteria etc... I read somewhere that the boiling evaporates chlorine if your water supply is chlorinated. I have no proof of this or reference to link with but can say when I don't boil I get the feeling like I just jumped into a chlorinated pool. Maybe some of our chemistry inclined members could comment.

The Neti has been my life saver.


Did it solve your nasal congestion problem?

RE: My life has become living hell [nose blockage] - OpalRose - 06-13-2020

You have just quoted about 9 people from posts that's are over 2 years old. You may not receive many responses to your questions, as they may not be following this thread.

You would be better off starting a new thread with your concerns.

RE: My life has become living hell [nose blockage] - arc0509 - 06-13-2020

I had started this thread last year. Ever since, my problem is still the same. What i have safely ruled out is that no amount of fidgeting with the humidifer settings will relieve this issue.

The issue is: As soon as i lie down, irrespective of the time of day, irrespective of the fact that whether i am using my cpap or not, my nose blocks in each and every position except for the supine position(i.e. lying down on the back and facing the ceiling).

I decided to revisit my thread to check if any real possible solution has come up...

Please if anyone has found a workable solution, kindly let me know.