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supplier # 19 is A1 - car54 - 02-13-2020

I was having problems getting a Resmed oximeter working. I went to 2 local DME's that I have done business with and they both refused because I did not buy the product from them. I  contacted Keven Cooper from Supplier #19. He sent me multiple parts so that I could determine which of my parts are either working or defective. He do not charge me and the bill would be determined after figuring out what I needed and the unused parts would be sent back to him. This supplier is 785 miles from me and he went above and beyond in his help.

Thank you Kevin Cooper.


RE: supplier # 19 is A1 - Sleeprider - 02-13-2020

Car54, it's great to have this kind of positive feedback about the suppliers we list. ThePulseOxStore has been around a long time and gotten very good feedback, even on the low-price oximeters. I think it's worth patronizing those stores that offer service like this rather than finding the lowest price on Amazon or Ebay, so good feedback. Let us know how it works out.

I'm going to move this post to the Commercial Posts forum where other vendor feedback is located.