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RE: Introduction - Knitman - 01-09-2021

(01-09-2021, 09:15 AM)Sleeprider Wrote: We just don't make judgements, good or bad, on the basis of a single night. It's important to watch trends.  There will be days like this, particularly because you introduce many variables into your therapy, from sleeping position,  the aids you use and your health issues.  There is not much we can do about it except point out that it more likely than not that your results will return to be very good. Chin-up.

Thank you kindly. Everything I read says the way I sleep is the worst thing for SA. As I had said, the pain had reduced a lot after a few nights on my side. I am going back to that tonight. If I have to take meds in middle of the night, so be it. I don't think I can mess about as it can not help CHF to have high AHI. I do realise this figure from last night is still in the mild frame but it is less risky for me be in the treated under 5's.

RE: Introduction - jaswilliams - 01-09-2021

Knitman. The morphine is an opiate and a respiration suppressant and can cause an increase of CA’s are you on a consistent dose or only when needed you may find a correlation between CA’s and your morphine use

RE: Introduction - Knitman - 01-10-2021

(01-09-2021, 04:17 PM)jaswilliams Wrote: Knitman. The morphine is an opiate and a respiration suppressant and can cause an increase of CA’s are you on a consistent dose or only when needed you may find a correlation between CA’s and your morphine use

I take 180mg SR, split into 2 x 90mg doses. I also have up to 160mg QR when. needed. I avoid from evening onwards. At present, I am not taking more than 2 a day.

I also take 2400mg Gabapentin, 4g Paracetamol and 30mg Baclofen(3 doses of 10mg). I take 10mg Zolpidem and up to 15mg diazepam, as well as heart meds, lung meds, HBP meds, stomach and bowel meds. About 52 pills a day, including supplements. 

I understand what they all do. I know some can have a respiratory effect.

RE: Introduction - Knitman - 01-10-2021

Last nights sleep was very good. On my side for just over 7 hours. I couldn't sleep longer even though I wanted to because the pain in my ribs was too bad. 
My AHI was 1.7.

I also had a nap, on my side, for 1 hr. My AHI for that was 0.0! If I had naps before collar and before side sleeping, my nap readings were 20 odd!

I will probably need a nap later today. Hopefully I can train my body to withstand longer so that I get between 8 and 9 which suits me best.

RE: Introduction - Knitman - 01-11-2021

Last night's AHI was 2.7. However, again sleep was curtailed by rib cage pain. 

I went back to sleep at about 12:20pm. I slept 1.5 hrs and an AHI of 0. I laid down a superking duvet, folded in half, then in half again. I slept on top of that. No pain at all. Will see tonight what it does for me during a whole night. I need more sleep and unbroken sleep, other than the normal 1 pee.

One thing I do not understand that is happening: I am getting very sleepy after I eat at around 5-6pm. I do not have any carbs other than small amount provided by the vegetables. I hate sitting here fighting falling asleep. I am not diabetic at all. 

I can only think I am tired because of not getting peaceful sleep due to pain. It seems treating the SA is not the end of it for me.

Having said all this, I am enormously pleased I have the SA sorted out and that I have persevered. 

The new machine arrives tomorrow! Less than a week, since I asked and was granted. Last Thursday.

kind regards

RE: Introduction (APAP) - Knitman - 01-12-2021

I used the APAP for a 90odd m inute nap. I did so sitting up with sloping back, knowing my AHI would be higher. 

However, I don't understand a few things.

It appears to stayed at the minimum pressure the whole time when  I would have expected to go up.

I don't know what A-Flex is and cannot find it in the book. 

The Flex is set to 3, the highest. It came like this.

I would think this machine has been sent as is by Respironics without anything set by the hospital.

Attached is the nap reading. I'd be grateful if someone could explain it to me. I had not rouble understanding the CPAP on Auto-Trial!


RE: Introduction - Sleeprider - 01-12-2021

The Philips Auto CPAP use a variable breathing algorithm to override the CPAP algorithm. Since your entire session included what was flagged as VB, the pressure stayed constant. I mentioned early in this thread that my regard for the Philips algorithms is significantly lower than Resmed, which responds more to flow limit and not VB, however I deemed it futile to continue repeating that viewpoint or concern as your health system is never wrong and only supplies the best. I wrote a wiki on Variable breathing http://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.php/Variable_Breathing

RE: Introduction - Knitman - 01-12-2021

What you fail to understand is that hospital, and you have been told by me and by another, deals with Phillips, NOT with Resmed.

I have never said that lour NHS is never wrong, but we don't leave people bankrupt or to die thru lack of funds and I personally am sick of Americans attacking our sytem constantly. Take the log out or your eye first!

Instead of being helpful you just decide to prov oke me instead. Very kind of you.

I am off.

RE: Introduction - Sleeprider - 01-12-2021

I have treated you with nothing but respect, tolerance, patience and useful information that worked, when you had no other solutions. My opinion or preference concerning a machine does not change anything. Suit yourself, and you're welcome.

RE: Introduction - Knitman - 01-13-2021

I am no fool. I bought out of my own pocket, full price, a Resmed Airsense 10 which will be here tomorrow. 

I listen to real information. I am just sick to death of Americans lording it over me and trashing our NHS and Socialist (NOT) country constantly.

As for tolerating me, you tolerate what you don't like. Why did you have to be patient? I only asked what I needed to. Maybe more than once. I let you know at the very beginning that I am brain damaged and recently found out I have a terminal illness.

If you feel helping people by sharing your knowledge is causing you to actively try to be patient and causing you to just tolerate it, then maybe you ought not be doing it.

I put a lot of faith in your insistence that Respironics were crap ResMed are excellent. Before you say it, I know you didn't say that but it is what you meant. Almost from the beginning you pushed ResMed to the point to castigating me when that is not what I was given. It is going to be very interesting to see if the ResMed does make my pressures go up and down according to my needs.

I find it weird to say the least that the Dreamstation CPAP works very well as APAP when on APAP trial. Perhaps I ought to have just kept restarting the 30 days instead of doing as I did. 

You know, I trusted you. When. I sent my last reading in I expected to speak to that, not slag either me or the country I live in off. I find far too many Americans like to make others feel inferior if they can. You didn't. I just thought you were foolish and were so unreasonable I didn't need to think about your political sway. Wrongly for judging but I am human and at the moment very vulnerable and could. not see why you would choose to have pops at me when all I am doing is asking the questions a scared man would ask.

I doubt very much that my words will mean anything other than not worth reading. Maybe I should have saved my breath. Am on rather a lot of PK as had had 3 teeth taken out today and they were very heard. I was told to continue to use CPAP as my oxygen was more important. I woke with a mask filled with blood, with just enough time to stop it going into the air tube. 

I just hope the Resmed does the job otherwise I will feel stung for putting my faith in yet another undeserving of it.