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RE: Introduction - Knitman - 01-14-2021

Thanks Sleeprider, I look forward to being able to show my first ResMed readings tomorrow. Is the info you have been getting recently from the Dreamstation enough or do you want it rearranged?

Off to bed now and looking forward to it and being able to post new data tomorrow.

kindest regards

RE: Introduction - Sleeprider - 01-14-2021

The Resmed will chart flow limitation, and that is an important chart to include.

RE: Introduction - Knitman - 01-14-2021

Thanks, will do that. I am pretty sure I did with previous charts.

Just discovered that the phone app is only for IOS not Android. I love Macs and only use them but hate the iPhone.

kindest regards

RE: Introduction - Sleeprider - 01-14-2021

MyAir for Air10 is on Google Apps for Android.

I happen to like the iPhone and have managed to accumulate a nice 385% capital gain on my Apple stocks. Beauty is in the eye of the holder.

FIRST NIGHT ON AIRSENSE 10 - Knitman - 01-15-2021

(01-14-2021, 07:55 PM)Sleeprider Wrote: MyAir for Air10 is on Google Apps for Android.

I have not been able to find it. 

Plus the Resmed web says it isn't available for my phones, including a Samsung. Weird.

Am awaiting a call from Resmed. According to web app, my score last night 95/100.

Am I right to not be very pleased with the result? My AHI is double what is has been and the CA are very high compared to usual and the OA very low. It has very little info by comparison to the Dreamstation. I have no idea what to make of this. 

I should add I spent some time in pain from my mouth and I am returning to dentist because it has swollen up to the size of a golf ball at the extraction site. As you can see from the chart, I ought to have taken PK at about 3.30am. I say that because my AHI and other things started to rise at that time and it is about when I was aware of pain.

I found the machine very quiet and for some reason the mask was much easier to get and keep mask fit.


RE: Airsense 10 - Knitman - 01-15-2021


No longer concerned about readings. Just had a long chat with a clinician. They explained a lot to me that hopefully I will retain. According to the clinician, considering all my issues and the meds I take, my readings are as if I was healthy and med free and just had SA. 

My biggest relief is knowing I am on the right machine, though I would not normally do what I did without my stomach agreeing. 

Just as Mr Sleeprider was explaining  but I couldn't understand, she explained the algorithm business in a way tailored to my brain. She was quick to realise how my brain damage affects me and talked to me about the studies done etc in a way that I can understand. For some reason I am technically minded. All our electrical stuff from hi-fi and dacs and computers eytc I have never had a lesson on.

She said my readin g was very good and thinks it will drop once the pain in my m outh subsides. At least until the next round of extractions. At least get to go out of the house!

So once again. Mr Sleeprider, thank you for puttin g me one the right path. Referring me to the correspondence with the woman and her child was just the right thing to have done. 

Kindest regards

RE: Introduction - Sleeprider - 01-15-2021

Looking at your current chart, the median pressure is 14/10 (inhale/exhale), and this has resolved most obstructive apnea and with the 3-cm pressure support the flow limitation is very low at 0.05 in the 95th percentile. Hopefully this feels as good as it looks. The CA events are higher than I would like to see, but this is pretty common when we first introduce the pressure support or assist for inspiration, and normally drops as you adapt. I think your therapist is correct that pain and related arousals will result in events like we see here. Part of this is a fairly long respiration cycle of about 5.5 seconds and 10.4 breaths per minute. With that longer, respiration, comes a good tidal volume of 520 mL and a healthy minute vent, and the ragged variable breathing seems to have cleaned up. To my eye, this gives us a much clearer picture of your therapy and sleep, however you should expect these results to vary night to night.

I'm curious to know subjectively how this felt to you, as that is the most important measure. I would think the help that comes with EPR probably came with a feeling of breathing is much easier. Going forward, we are not in a hurry to change anything. It appears, based on the median pressure, you will eventually want a higher starting pressure, and we can reduce CA with lower EPR setting if needed. For now, just relax, be well, and enjoy your day.

RE: Introduction - Knitman - 01-15-2021

Despite having another abscess, I actually have not felt physically as well as this for maybe 35 years. I am not exaggerating. I still have the neuro problems, the RA and OA pain, the lack of balance etc but I don't feel like I am in a fog or fatigue. I slept less than 8 hours last night yet feel fully rested. My trip to the dentist and back would normally leave me feeling tired. Not today. 

To be frank, I am finding it hard to describe how I feel as this is just so foreign to me. I really cannot recall the last time I felt well. Today I feel well (despite the obvious!). 

This from sleeping with a different machine? Oh, and the last 3 nights I have not had the rib cage pain.

I am very glad to have had today but I will wait a while before I think I have finally found an answer. 

Altho it may annoy some medics I am also glad I still ask WHY?

Thank you Mr Sleeprider

RE: Introduction - Sleeprider - 01-15-2021

Like the rest of us on Apnea Board, we volunteer our time here in the hope of making lives better. Your feedback is typical of why we make the effort. Thanks, and I hope you continue to improve and get back to a better place in your health.

RE: Introduction - jaswilliams - 01-16-2021

Well done Kintman, it’s great to read your making progress and your new Resmed is benificial and makes you feel better in spite of other things going on in your life.