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Help for Sleep Problems? - SideSleeper - 03-18-2021

The following has popped up from several sources recently, and I have tried it and it works for me.  If you are having some minor problems getting to sleep you might try it.  It is free!

"Among the great rivalries of all time: Coke versus Pepsi, McDonalds versus Burger King, Red Sox versus Yankees … and sock-sleepers versus barefoot-sleepers.   Turns out, sleeping with your socks on is a net positive for overall quality of sleep and aids in falling asleep faster.  Socks help your feet warm up quicker, which in turn dilates the blood vessels in your feet, which in many studies correlates to a signal being to sent to your brain that it’s time to switch off, and doze off to sleep.  A couple of recent sleep studies have shown sock-sleepers to fall asleep up to 40% faster then barefoot-sleepers." 

I really don't have a cold foot problem--more likely to get chilly feet when my husband steals the covers diagnolly and cold air sneaks in--we leave windows open year around.  I don't [articularly like the feeling of socks but have gotten ued to them and now us a lighter weight, fluffy sock.

RE: Help for Sleep Problems? - Sleeprider - 03-18-2021

Have you ever tried a 5 mg melatonin? I recently started using it at times and it does wonders to keep me sleeping through the night.

RE: Help for Sleep Problems? - SideSleeper - 03-18-2021

My PCP approved melatonin a few years back. I swear by it. I use the slow release 10 mg from Costco mail order--only place around our smaller town that I can find it.