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ResMed Power Converter - Sleepster - 05-10-2021

Can anyone recommend a converter that will work for both a ResMed S9 and a A10? I want to be able to plug it into a 12-volt cigarette lighter socket on a car. I know that the ResMed brand is more expensive, so I'd prefer something less expensive as long as it works well. I've looked on line but can't find anything that works with both the S9 and the A10.

RE: ResMed Power Converter - Crimson Nape - 05-10-2021

You won't find one power supply for both the S9 and A10. The S9 uses a proprietary 3-pin plug that has a resistor between 2 of the pins to signal if it is a 30 or 90 watt supply. The 30 watt was supplied with the base S9. The 90 watt version was supplied when the H5i humidifier was included. The A10, which only has one power version, uses a plug that is common to many laptops. KFD (amazon) has a 12/24 volt model for each model CPAP. The search term for the S9 model ($32) is, "kfd 3-pin dc adapter". The A10's ($37) search term is, "kfd resmed s10 dc adapter".

I have been using this brand, both AC-DC and DC-DC, for several years without any problems. Their combined cost is still less than one Resmed supply.

RE: ResMed Power Converter - Sleepster - 05-10-2021

Thanks, Red. Right now I have an old PRS1 with the necessary cables to connect it to a cigarette lighter or the terminals on a 12 volt battery. I guess I'll hold onto it for a while longer. We just had a back up generator installed in our home, so I no longer need it for grid failures. Just for traveling and camping.

My A10 is about 5 years old so I'll eventually replace it with a A11. When that happens I'll get rid of both my S9 and PRS1. The A10 will be my back up and travel machine, and I'll get the KFD for the A10.

RE: ResMed Power Converter - SideSleeper - 05-10-2021

I checked the KFD on Amazon and it comes with a car cigarette plug.  I need the set-up to plug into a C-100 battery pack which I already have. Supplier #1 has a converter that mates with the C-100--more money unless I find out the wiring needed.  Before my A10 I had a Resperonics 560 and didn't need to mess with the converter.  Any suggestions on the connector I need?