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Couple quick ? - Needsleepasap - 07-21-2021

I told my husband I was going to change the minimum pressure on my machine and he wants to know if that would nullify the warranty.

Also, I'm just curious: Will my doctor or dme know I changed the pressure?


RE: Couple quick ? - Big Guy - 07-21-2021

I've messed around some with my settings. Change things up a bit, give it a try, and I usually go back to where I was. 

No way will it void a warranty. Does a doctor or DME know? I couldn't care less if my DME knew. If the doctor has a problem with it, we'll have a talk.  Bigwink

RE: Couple quick ? - staceyburke - 07-21-2021

Absolutely will not void the warranty. They may but it is YOUR therapy not theirs, they work for you. But why not download Oscar (free on this site as everything is) and post your chArts and get some Opinions

RE: Couple quick ? - Needsleepasap - 07-21-2021

Good news about the warranty, it'll make him feel better.

I don't care if they know, either, considering they set my minimum pressure for the needs of a child  Annoyed-and-disappointed

I have my clinicians manual, so I'm on my way.

Appreciate the help.

RE: Couple quick ? - Gideon - 07-22-2021

Set the min pressure to 7, it allows room for the EPR to work. EPR helps therapeutically as well as for comfort.

Do post your OSCAR daily chart so we can screen for issues you may be unaware of.

RE: Couple quick ? - Atsc3 - 07-22-2021

(07-21-2021, 10:49 PM)Needsleepasap Wrote: Good news about the warranty, it'll make him feel better....
While not strictly related to CPAP machines, in the USA - and Canada has similar laws - you can do virtually anything you want to a product you own without voiding the warranty. This includes disassembling it - maybe for the purpose of cleaning dust from inside - or repairing it. As long as you don't actually cause damage. Warranty void sticker? Scrape it off, it means nothing. 

RE: Couple quick ? - Gideon - 07-22-2021

good data.