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Consciously waking up while on CPAP - Lime - 05-04-2022

Complete noob at reading the data, but am trying to get some help as to why I'm consciously waking up still while using the Resmed Airsense 10 Autoset. Last night I consciously woke up about 3 times, but it seems only 1 event was flagged in May 3rd's data as Obstructive. The other 2 times happened later than the event recorded. There was a bit of tightness in my throat when I did wake, but it did not feel as if I had a dry mouth. I did not wake up with a dry mouth either of the days. 

Last sleep study, I was diagnosed with OSA: Recording time of 232 minutes and analyzed sleep time of 228 minutes.  Average AHI 11.6.  With RDI 24.2.  Oxygen desaturation nadir is 86%.

Settings for both days:

Ramp Time: Auto
Humidity Level: 4
Mode: Autoset
Max Pressure: 15.0
Min Pressure: 5.0
Response: Standard
Start Pressure: 4.0
EPR Level 3

Using Resmed Airfit P10. May 2nd data was using the Medium Nasal Pillows while May 3rd was with the XS Nasal Pillows. I am currently mouth taping as well. 

Looking for help as to why I still might be consciously waking up. 

RE: Consciously waking up while on CPAP - Sara - 05-05-2022

My Resmed Autosense APAP woke me every time the pressure changes and that was 30 or more times a night. I bought the Resmed Airstart CPAP and set it to 12.5 about a year or so ago. Now, I only wake up 5 or so times a night. It’s a lot better.

RE: Consciously waking up while on CPAP - pholynyk - 05-05-2022

You could have set the minimum and maximum pressures to the same value on your APAP and saved money and tracked your therapy, as well... Big Grin

Your DME sure was working for his profit instead of your savings.