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Sleep Study / New Equipment - Sleepy Willy - 08-09-2022

I had a baseline sleep study about two months ago and the Respirologist told me that my AHI was not that high, but he was filling out an application for me to get a BIPAP with a backup breathing rate. He also said my Apneas were primarily OA, so why an ST machine. I've read that the ASV are so much better, but that idea got shot down. He also said he wanted to explore increasing my pressure support to increase my oxygenation.


It looks like I'll be getting a Phillips BIPAP A40 with variable pressure support and backup breathing rate. Although the Respirologist seemed more interested in the variable pressure support, as I never stopped breathing during my titration study, but I did have some shallow breathing. My CO2 was around 50 and my average O2 was about 88%, unless they cranked up the pressure. We're talking mask jumping off your face pressure and that only raised the O2 average 1%. I'm currently using supplemental O2 at home per a prescription from my other Respirologist. I actually get better O2 levelsĀ sleeping with my 1 lpm portable O2 concentrator than I do with my BIPAP machine and the larger 5 lpm concentrator. I think it's partly to do with my sleep position, as I can sleep on my side with the nasal cannula and the BIPAP machine causes washout of the O2.

Anyone used an A40 or similar?