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Mask Liners and Leaks - ejbpesca - 10-09-2022

I tried a Snugzz mask liner a few months ago.  It was very comfortable and no noticeable leaks were detected yet my Large Leak score shot way up to an unacceptable level.  I tried one again a couple of nights ago and the same happened.

It has been suggested (by the maker of the liner) that the high Leak readings are false readings and should be ignored.  I go by >25L reading, and the green smiley face or red frown face to tell me if my mask is leaking too much.  With the Snugzz liner I get up to 85L leak score and the red face on the AirSense 10.

The reasoning is that the liner is allowing air flow between the mask cushion and the face and that air flow is causing a high leak score.  They say if your pressure reading is the same with the liner, and AHI does not rise, then ignore the leak reading.

Should I just go by AHI and let the leak score rise to get the comfort of the liner?  With no liner I have had few leak issues.  

Any thoughts, experience you can share on this topic?

(I am not sure if this topic belongs here or on the main apnea board.)

RE: Mask Liners and Leaks - OpalRose - 10-09-2022

(10-09-2022, 01:53 PM)ejbpesca Wrote: (I am not sure if this topic belongs here or on the main apnea board.)

I moved this thread from the Off Topic forum to the Main Forum.

RE: Mask Liners and Leaks - Melman - 10-09-2022

With full face masks all leaks with the exceptions of damaged components (e.g. hole in hose) or loose connections, involve air flow between the cushion and the face, The fact that a liner is causing the leak does not make it not a leak IMHO. I think maker's reasoning is wrong.