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AirFit P10 & P30i - spetzal - 12-12-2022

Broke my nose last year, and so the end of my nose has a little “character”….im curious if users of these two models silicone pillow masks can tell me how flexible those pillow mountings are.  I cant use products that cup the nose such as Dreamwear full face or AirFit F30i because one side of the nose cup leaks a lot due to my nose being a bit bent.

RE: AirFit P10 & P30i - Lucid - 12-12-2022

I use the P30i and like it.  If you haven't already, look up video reviews on YouTube to get a better idea.  They are soft and flexible, but also have a certain orientation.  There are three main sizes, small, medium and large, plus a small wide that I haven't seen.  So each one is fitting a range of noses.  No guarantees, but worth a try.

By the way, the same frame fits the N30i nasal cushions, and that's probably true of the P30 and P30i, as well.  So if you get one, you could later try the cushions.

Good luck!

RE: AirFit P10 & P30i - Sleeprider - 12-12-2022

Thanks to rhinophyma my nose has plenty of character. It's gotten to the point I'm looking to correct it somewhat with dermabrasion.

RE: AirFit P10 & P30i - sunsaffron - 12-12-2022

I've used both the P10 and the P30 - I like and use both depending on how I'm sleeping. Both pillows sit a certain way, but are flexible enough to allow for some slight positioning of your nostrils. In my opinion the P30i is probably a little more forgiving, the P10 really likes to stay put in a specific orientation. I'd certainly recommend both masks regardless.

RE: AirFit P10 & P30i - WW4B - 03-10-2023

HI all, quick question. I have a Resmed N30i nasal cushion mask with headgear and thinking of trying the nasal pillows. Just to reiterate, will the P30i nasal pillow fit the N30i frame and vice versa ? Need to order another nasal cushion for my N30i standard frame and will also order a nasal pillow if it will also fit on the frame. Would like to give the pillows a try but don't want to have to order the complete mask if I do not have to.

RE: AirFit P10 & P30i - nightgagger - 03-11-2023

yes, the P30i is interchangeable with the N30i.

RE: AirFit P10 & P30i - WW4B - 03-11-2023

Thank you for confirming