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Help interpreting Watchpat and General Advice - newuser1002 - 01-08-2023

Hey all,
I recently did a watchpat one while on my normal CPAP therapy to see my numbers as a baseline value and was hoping you guys could help me improve my titration. Here's the watchpat data along with the corresponding OSCAR data: [color=var(--darkreader-text--newCommunityTheme-linkText)]https://imgur.com/a/yNGslqF[/color]

My situation: I'm pretty sure my UARS is caused by nasal obstruction from my enlarged turbinates (as a result of repeated allergy exposure) and present allergies. Really bad cognitive symptoms for the past 3 years, songs constantly in my head and very difficult to concentrate, general anhedonia, fatigue, you know the drill. I started CPAP, but am only like 30% cured from my subjective experience, even though my numbers are low (e.g in the watchpat above, 1.6 AHI and 8.8 RDI). I know some may doubt my symptoms are all from UARS from these low numbers, but the story aligns so perfectly for when my symptoms started. And my subjective experience of my symptoms the next day correlates extraordinarily well with how obstructed my nose was the previous night, as it varies night to night.

Based on my situation, my plan is basically to do the following (in parallel):
  1. Fix my nasal obstruction.

    1. Bandaid fixes - currently using extra strength breathe right strips. Will try different types of masks to see if they work better. Hot shower at night.
    2. Fix my allergies - I already use Nasacort and Azelastine (antihistamine) nasal sprays, saline rinse, dustmite protected everything + air filter + vacuum. Probably will start allergy shots immunotherapy.
  2. Titrate better.
    1. Increase my numbers until I plateau and can't stand the effort of breathing required
      1. If not good enough, consider BiPAP. Try higher PS until plateau. Try ASV.
  3. Myofunctional exercises (tongue training and chewing gum exercises). My sleep doctor claims it is an underrated method, and my tongue is apparently very weak. I've also mouth breathed for the past 3 years and I think my jaw is quite recessed. So maybe this will help, but I'm fairly skeptical as it doesn't align with my initial hypothesis.
Lastly, if all else fails, I'll need to attack my enlarged turbinates head on.. As I think this is the root of my problem, I really should be doing this first, but surgery is so expensive... Considering turbinate reduction vs EASE. Somewhat pessimistic about this as well due to stories of people getting ENS, or turbinates growing back, or simply symptoms not improving as much as they hoped. Especially in my case my numbers are so low already.

Let me know if any of you have any advice on how to better titrate based on my Watchpat/OSCAR or any advice on my general direction. Thanks!