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Twobigwheels - CPAP Therapy Journey - Twobigwheels - 04-08-2023

I've been trying to get my CA's down. CA's are my main issue. I switched from Auto to CPAP and dropping pressure down in Hope's to lower CA's. 
I went from 2 weeks of pressure13.6 to 12 the last 3 days.
A few days ago went to Dr and commented on my night time congestion. He suggested Xyzal. My CA's have gone up, (1.2 vs 0.5) and I realize only 2 nights of Xyzal.
But curious of anyone else results with Antihistamines

Thinking of adding oximeter. - Twobigwheels - 04-08-2023

I'm thinking of adding OxiMeter to gather more data. Oscar user with AirSense 11

Any OM recommendations? What to expect and look for

RE: Thinking of adding oximeter. - Jeff8356 - 04-08-2023

There is a list of compatible oximeters in the wiki: http://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.php?title=Pulse_oximeters

The Contec brand only has Windows software. The Wellue/Viatom brand has Windows & Mac software, as well as a phone app (iPhone and Android).

RE: Thinking of adding oximeter. - cmpman1974 - 04-08-2023

Wellue Checkme Max O2 wrist monitor

RE: Thinking of adding oximeter. - Plmnb - 04-09-2023

I just received my Wellue 02 Ring that has vibration alarms, measures 02, measures pulse.  Very comfortable, even worse it to work yesterday.  (Surprised I had 02 drops during the day).  Check and see if compatible with your machine.  The price on Amazon was $152, regularly $175 or something like that. But I signed up for trial prime and a store credit card.  The credit card provided a $60 credit for opening the account and I received free next day shipping.  (For $2.99 more I could have gotten it the same day).

My only issue is I am having trouble importing the data into OSCAR, I am on a Mac so it should be easy.  I'm just waiting for the software advisors to help me get it done.  I'm sure they will help me figure it out.

RE: Thinking of adding oximeter. - withtao - 04-09-2023

I've had a Wellue Checkme O2 Max since last November.  Got it prove that I had O2 drops to my PCP and DME.  I actually had to go into Excel and count the number of O2 drops below 88 to prove I needed O2 concentrator, which I received.

I use the Windows app O2 Insight Pro to pull the data from the Checkme onto my windows machine so I can import its data into OSCAR and export to a .csv for analysis with Excel.  The Android version works, but have to tether the Checkme to windows to pull the binary file off of the Android for import into OSCAR.  Android provides real time viewing of Checkme which isn't something I needed and drains the battery.

BTW, you can change the thresholds for O2 and pulse.  You can also set the buzz level and sound if you want it to let you know you've exceeded a threshold.  When I first got mine it O2 threshold was set to 89 and was buzzing constantly, so I had to take it off and change the threshold the next day.  I was getting O2s below 85!  I turned the notifications off since I didn't want to be woken and then looked thru the results using Excel and reported them to PCP.  Once I got O2 concentrator I don't have O2 desaturations below 90 and no 4% drops and less than 10 3% drops where as I'd have 50-100 4% drops a night without O2.

RE: Xyzal/Antihistamines affecting AHI/CA - Sleeprider - 04-09-2023

TBW, it sounds like you have a very low incidence of CA. These pauses in breathing from once per hour to once per two hours is exceptionally benign in most people. They are usually short duration, low stress and have minimal impact on oxygen in the blood. CA can be stimulated by increases in EPR and sleep disruption. If we could see the complete settings for your machine and other data from your therapy we could probably put it in perspective or suggest improvements. Anyway, a great alternative to decongestants is Flonase or its generic equal fluticasone propionate. It works by easing inflammation from allergies and irritation. It's a different mechanism from antihistamines but accomplishes mostly the same decongestant effect, and tends to be less disruptive to sleep.

RE: Thinking of adding oximeter. - Expat31 - 04-09-2023

As a starter oxymeter and to see what it's about, I bought the Pulox-250 (rebranded Centec CMS 50D+


1. It works OK.

2. It's the cheapest.

3. Fairly easy to export to Oscar, (once sorted out correct firmware)

4.Oxymeter generated basic reports not badand give a quick overview.

Negatives, (and solutions)

1.Can slip off your finger during the night- (Solution: with simple taping, stays put, and records fine.)

2. Runs on 1.5v batteries that don't last too long, maybe you get 3 nights. - (Solution: I use rechargable 1.2v batteries -fully charged up to nearly 1.4 v, that are good for a single night) Sounds crazy but amuses me somewhat, and a  bit of a test to see the practically over time.

3. Battery cover is pretty fragile, could break in time, then will need to be secured with tape. So far so good.

As indicated, it is pretty basic model, and for double the price you can get some pretty smart and convenient devices. But I will stay with this at the moment.

 Oscar graphs pretty good, and give I think vital indication of how your therapy is going. Reassured with my SP02 stats, but somewhat erratic pulse. This is useful info, and will follow up with cardio. (Quad BP impact...). 
Just goes to show the value of such a little device.

Low Pulse on Oximeter - Twobigwheels - 04-09-2023

Received my Wellue O2Ring and had it on for a 30m nap. 
Pulse lowest at 36: Avg 49
I just had a physical last Thurs and my resting was in 40's.
It's always been noticeably low where Med Tech's think device isn't working right.
Any insight?

RE: Low Pulse on Oximeter - Crimson Nape - 04-09-2023

Are you taking Beta-Blockers?

- Red