If you ask for a Clinician Manual via your Microsoft Outlook email account, and you do not get an answer from us within 48 hours, please re-send your request using another email address   (NOT an Outlook account).

For some reason, often when we attempt to send a reply to someone with an Outlook email address, the return address is listed as something like "".  The problem is-- this is not a valid email address, and we have no way to find out your real email address (unless you put that into the text of your email).

This is a known Outlook problem.  It's not that we're ignoring you-- but rather we CAN'T contact you to even make you aware that your Outlook system is bouncing our emails back to us as "undeliverable".

The solution-- send your request from a NON-OUTLOOK account, or in your email text, let us know your ACTUAL email address.