Apnea Board Policy on Providing CPAP Manuals to other parties

Apnea Board is an open educational discussion forum devoted exclusively to Sleep Apnea patients and CPAP usage. We make a promise to our members that Apnea Board operations will never be influenced by commercial interests.

We provide up to two (2) CPAP Clinician / Setup Manuals free-of-charge, via our web site and email to private individuals only who own a CPAP machine for their own personal educational use. Those receiving a manual from Apnea Board agree that distribution, publishing, copying or use for anything other than personal education may be subject to copyright.

If you receive a manual or CPAP setup instructions and it helps you, please consider making a small donation to help support Apnea Board. We operate on a shoe-string budget, so even a couple of dollars will help.

In accordance with Section 107 of the US Copyright Law, (specifically the "fair use" sections) we cannot provide our free CPAP Manual service to persons or entities for anything other than educational purposes. Therefore, we cannot send Clinician Setup Manuals to commercial entities (including hospitals, sleep centers, doctors, nurses, medical equipment suppliers, respiratory therapists, clinicians, medical technicians, legal offices, or other persons who own or are employed by or have an interest in or connection to a medically-related commercial or government entity).

If your email message, email address, username or other criteria reveals that you are (or likely to be) in one of the above categories, we cannot send you a manual and your email request will be discarded.

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