ResMed Moritz S & ST BiPAP Machine - Clinician Setup Instructions

On the back of the device below the display there are 3 buttons: plus ("+") , minus ("-") and a symbol for tools.

1. Make sure your device is pluged in but switched off.

2. Switch the machine on. The display first shows the device name and after a few seconds starts to automatically go through all menu stettings. When the first menu (just after the display of the device name) appears press the minus ("-") button.

3. After two further menu items are displayed, the menu item "Breathing Hours" (or ""Atmungsstunden" in German) appears. Press the minus button ("-") again.

4. Wait until the automatic walk-through has been finished.

5. Use plus ("+") or minus ("-") buttons to select the menu item you'd like to change.

6. Press the "tools" button to enter and plus ("+") or minus ("-") buttons for changes.

7. Finalize setup by pressing the "tools" button.

8. Finally move to menu "leave menu" and reconfirm by pushing the "tools" button.

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cpap machine setup for sleep apnea patients - ResMed Moritz S & ST

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