ResMed S7 Lightweight CPAP Machine - Clinician Setup Instructions

1) Turn on your CPAP machine and wait for the "Welcome "message to appear.

2) Press the right button (with the red line on it - it will also have the word EXIT above it in the display window)

3) Now the CPAP display should show "S7 Lightweight " or "S7 Elite" or "S7 Spirit" and the word MENU should show above the left button.

4) Press both the right button and the down-arrow button at the same time and hold down for at least 3 seconds.

5) "CLINICAL MENU - WELCOME" should show in the CPAP display. Continue holding down the two buttons for several more seconds until the words in the display window say....

6) "CLINICAL - MENU exit" (Release the two buttons now.)

7) Press the left button with the word MENU above it

8) Next you should see "SETTINGS - ENTER exit" (if SETTINGS doesn't show it may be "RESULTS" or "OPTIONS" or "SERVICING"if it is any of these other words then use the middle up/down toggle button to navigate to "SETTINGS"

9) When you see "SETTINGS" in the display, press the left button with the word "ENTER" above it (this now takes you into the SETTINGS menu)

10) Use the up/down toggle button in the middle of the top of CPAP machine, to navigate to the settings you want to change - when you have the setting you want to change, press the left button with the word "CHANGE" above it.

11) Use the up/down toggle button to vary the settings.

12) When the setting change you want is showing, press the left button under the word "APPLY."

A change is not saved until you press the "APPLY" button, so it's safe to hit the Change button and look at the various changes that can be made to a setting. No change is actually made unless you hit "APPLY."

To get out of the "Apply" and "Change" areas and go back to simply walking through the CPAP menu items, press the righthand button under the word "Exit." Exit acts like the backarrow button of a browser.

To exit completely out of the CPAP clinical menu just keep pressing the right button. It will have either "cancel" or "exit" written above it. Press it repeatedly (3 or 4 times) until you're out of the clinical menu.

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cpap machine setup for sleep apnea patients - ResMed S7

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