SleepyHead is no longer maintained and has been replaced by the OSCAR software program.

For the newer OSCAR software, please go here:



For those who wish to use the old SleepyHead software, please refer to the archived download page & files below:

SleepyHead has been replaced by OSCAR


[no longer maintained]

SleepyHead is PC software developed by Mark Watkins for reviewing and exploring data produced by CPAP and related machines, which are devices used in the treatment of sleep apnea.

To download the old SleepyHead version 1.1.0, please CLICK HERE

To download the even older SleepyHead version 1.0.0, please CLICK HERE

SleepyHead mirrors provided by Apnea Board

Apnea Board

SleepyHead 1.0.0 source-code files can be found HERE
SleepyHead 1.1.0 source-code files can be found HERE