OSCAR Installation: Apple Mac

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System requirements

  • MacOSX 10.12 or later.


  1. Open the OSCAR.dmg file that you downloaded. You will see a Finder window with the OSCAR application:
  2. To install OSCAR, you need to copy it to the Applications folder on your computer. To do so:
    1. Open the Applications folder in Finder by selecting the "Go" menu and then "Applications":
    2. Arrange the windows so that you can see the OSCAR icon and the Applications folder, as shown below.
    3. Click on the OSCAR icon and drag it into the Applications window. Note the green "+" cursor indicating that it will be copied to this location when you unclick:
  3. To launch OSCAR for the first time, you will need to grant it permission, otherwise you will receive an error that it "can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer." To grant OSCAR permission to run:
    1. Hold down the "control" key on your keyboard and click on the new OSCAR icon in the Applications folder. Select "open" from the menu that will appear:
    2. A window will appear advising you that "OSCAR is from an unidentified developer" and asking if you want to run it. Click "Open" to grant it permission:
      On macOS Catalina, you may first get a window without an "Open" button, so you may need to attempt this twice. You will only need to do this the first time you run OSCAR after installing any new version.

  4. On macOS Catalina, the first time you import CPAP data from an SD card you will see the following prompt:
    "OSCAR" would like to access files on a removable volume
    Click "OK" to grant OSCAR permission to read your SD cards.


  • Help, I'm getting the following error!
    "OSCAR" can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.
    This can happen after installing a new version of OSCAR. Open the Applications folder as shown in step 2 above and then see step 3 above to grant OSCAR permission to run.

  • Help, I'm running macOS Catalina and I'm getting the following warning about malware when I try to open OSCAR!
    macOS cannot verify that this app is free from malware
    This is simply an extra step in Catalina. Click "Cancel" and then try step 3 again to grant OSCAR permission to run.

  • Help, I'm running macOS Catalina and OSCAR won't import anything from my SD card!
    You may have accidentally clicked "Don't Allow" at the prompt shown in step 4 above. To fix this, open System Preferences, select Security & Privacy, and select the Privacy tab. Scroll down and select Files & Folders from the list on the left and then check the Removable Volumes box under OSCAR as shown:
    Allow OSCAR to access removable volumes in the Security & Privacy preference pane
    You may first need to click on the lock in the bottom-left corner and enter your password in order to make this change.

  • I still have questions!
    Ask your questions in the Software Support Forum and someone will do their best to help you.
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