S8 Data Format

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S8 Data Format

This page was originally written by Mark Watkins, during the initial build of the SleepyHead program. It needs change in approach, or should be taken as "history".

Data format analysis

This is a work in progress. Nothing should be taken literally here.

Card Reader

An AR38U card reader is needed to extract information from the S8's smartcard. Cards seem to be under 32kb, the sizes I have seen are not constant.

I need to see some direct card extracts to have a better clue.. This may be ResScan specific stuff?

Data Format

The records are packed into a series of repeating "file" structures.

Very verbose considering there is such a tiny amount of storage space. (Not surprising for ResMed though)

It seems data is stored little endian.

Right now, the following is just a rough outline of the structure.

Each appears to start with 04 00 02 then a 4 byte string containing the type of the "file".

Followed by 04 00 01

offset 0x17 contains the devices model number and model name, seperated by a colon and null terminated.

It appears the offset 0x15 contains the length + null of that string.

String Values

Apart from the 4 byte file types, which are just stored as 4 bytes,

strings begin with a 0x05, followed by a 16bit length (counting from 1, not 0) of the string data followed by a null byte.

META records

The card starts with "META" data, which seems to define the schema/storage structure.


The first META record starts by a directory structure called &PRF, which contains of 3 items: #MKP, #MPT and #LYK.

Followed by a META file record for each of these 3 # values.


MKP & MPT both reference a pressure value (cmH2O)

These sub records will define the units, maximum possible values, etc...

  1. LYK likely defines leak in l/sec.


The next file META structure defines a directory structure called &EVT, and defines: #AET, #ETI and #DUR

Followed by a META file record for each of them.

#AET defines event the following event name strings:

Each string starts with a 16bit length and is null terminated. Each record is followed by some more definition bytes.


References "minutes", so is refering to a time value.

Likely in this case to be the time offset or time delta to the start of the event.


References "seconds", so is also referring to a time value, likely in this case to be the duration of the event.

This META is followed by some short META records, which do not contain the AutoSet Model number string.




contains a dFGT and dSRN object

plus a pointer to FGDS object

End of META

After the schema definition the data is recorded, first with a FGDS record

Data Records


Contains a string record Autoset_II_Amer

Then the devices Serial number.


Contains a list of repeating 15 byte codes, most of which looks like graph data

The schema above will define it, just need to identify which is verbose cruft, and which is data..


Contains a list of repeating 15 byte codes, which will fit the event schema records